Narko’s September Rant

This is overwhelming, how the f*** did Kuro do this by himself.


So you may be wondering why more Sex & dungeon posts have been popping up. Kuro is away, that’s the short and simple. You don’t have to read the rest of me ranting.


Meh… I know I’m not a likable person for most. But just be happy that Kuro is getting better. I text that asshole every now and then. If that eases your mind. He’s with family, he still has a job, even though the place where he lives is a really stressful area. I know COVID19 sucks. Realistically I’d rather he take a break from translating for the rest of the year, but that’s what I think. Alright onto why I’m jumping onto managing his place, while the owner is away.

  1. I’m not Kuro, but please spare me from his love for being Mr. technical in his projects.
  2. Oh yeah, while I’ve been granted certain accesses I can’t edit the site theme or do major changes, so yeah….. just be patient, it’s a virtue you know.
  3. Um… can’t update you on the details of his personal situation, but just know he’s healing.
  4. As for Modern weapons cheat, which is Kuro’s bread and butter, that I can for certain update once a month, but you get what you get, it may be a new chapter it may be an old chapter.
  5. Lastly, I’ll just reiterate I like smut, not everyone does so, you get the picture. Read Road to Kingdom if you want more plot.


Before I take flak for some random shii-et, I’m here doing this as a favor to him as well as pursing my own personal gain. Again, I don’t understand Japanese structure, but I know English grammar and shit. Having a no name college degree, that I don’t even use in my actual work, but fuck at least I don’t have any school loan debts.

I’d rather Kuro set up some patreon or donation for his site. But Kuro is a principled person, damn goody-two shoes, maybe one day I can sway him to be more open-minded, but in the past 7 years I hate how he’s so selfless. Not a bad thing overall, but I find it annoying. What’s more he’s pious too, but I think I just tune him out when ever he gets preachy for me, it happens when you give him enough drinks.

Why am I posting this…. well I saw a random comment, I marked that sucker as spam, so ya’ll don’t see it. I know, I can be an asshole, I should’ve just ignored it.

I’ll just say that the 5 reasons I posted above, are what’s motivating me to be Kuro’s guest editor. And that’s the access I have. I’m not an admin, so no keys to the kingdom (yet). Oh and I don’t have access to the Disqus HIscension, so I can’t really reply to comments. I can only respond via WordPress reply.

Now Have fun with your lives, the world right now may be bleak, but just make the best of things. Life is filled with adversity, just take it head on like a motherfucker, don’t back down, drink some shots and who knows, maybe you’re singing karaoke at some gay bar 2 in the morning, or passed out on a beach with a drink in hand. Good fucking times. just be prepared for the consequences of a hangover and a ticket while you’re at it. Fuck I don’t regret it. They are experiences I’ll carry with me until I die.

Fuck I don’t know why I feel like giving random life advice to people over the net. Maybe its the Everclear. Or that asshole commenter, but I’m fine with being the bigger asshole in this circumstance.

Really just smile to yourself in the mirror in the morning, force yourself if you have to, you’ll actually be a lot better off, than before. Strive to do what you want, even if you fail, even if you fail a hundred times or more, just get back up and do what makes you happy.