Hi, Narkolepsi here



This is a small introduction/rant, since Kuro_0ni will be on Hiatus.

Poor guy is going through a lot personally and he really needs a break. Trying to convince that selfless bastard to take a vacation, was like talking to a damn wall.

Getting him to turn over site management, made me feel like I just stole a young kid’s only piece of candy. Oh man! I swear he pisses me off, when he does that shit. But I only talk shit about the guy, cuz I care about that asshole.


So what am I to Kuro, let’s just say I’m his drinking buddy. Fucker likes to drink Guinness and whiskey, while I’m more of a Vodka-Tequila kind of guy.

So what am I gonna do to his Site. Realistically, just backside management, maybe post some stuff he has in queue. Edit the things he hasn’t had time to go through. That guy takes too much pride in doing things himself. It’s one of his good points and bad points combined in one.

I’m just going to push that minimum chapter a month shpiel. I ain’t doing the extra stuff that Kuro does though. So don’t have those kinds of expectations for me. Just know I’m not that technical kind of guy, I like the smutty stuff.

But yeah, Kuro sent me his folder of projects. I’ll look over them and post the ones which are near completion and whatnot in no specific order. I’ll be real, you get what you get. Kuro is a perfectionist, I am not.


Anyway Kuro, when you get around to reading this post I made about you. I hope you feel like shit, for making me put up with your shit. And I hope you get better and healthier too. You better have enjoyed your vacation, and made peace with your Fam & yourself. Live awesomely, you handsome motherfucker!

And for the peanut gallery, you fuckers live like the Kings and Queens that you are! You are part of the reason why my friend sometimes makes a stupid expression when we go out to drink! Hope you guys keep checking out this site of his! Live awesomely, be awesome, do awesome things cuz you guys are awesome, for making my friend feel awesome!

Vivere militare est!