Real Life Updates 1.2

Promoting Artwork from Artist 姚 远 (Yao Yuan)


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Promoting Artwork from Artist 姚 远 (Yao Yuan)  ArtStation 

The Featured picture is how I feel about my current situation. Yup, I’m the small knight up against some big guys.

I’ve been a bit swamped with College work this month, so the next chapter for MWFW will be late (v4 ch3). 

Possibly end of the month late or 1st week of May kind of late.

My regular job work hours haven’t changed, and for the most part its been manageable on a physical level. 

Mentally I’m fatigued with college, Physics is kicking my butt, but I still am passing. History class though, I’m in the final stages of writing my reports and essays. And working on debate topics with my group.

The topic is the Pros/Cons of Diverse Energy programs.  

And my group was assigned the Cons about Renewable Energy. So the research with this topic has also set me back on many things. 

 Well, I’m not here to bore my audience, but inform my dear readers why, translations will be late this month. 

I’d rather say it’ll be late, and maybe make it in time. Than just up and disappear and leave you guys hanging. (I sort of gripe about my life on discord more)

Now for something else, I do plan on taking a vacation sometime this year. I’m still in the planning process, but when I do take it, I will also take a break on everything. I need a bit of time away from technology. 

Tentatively I want to take it around August – September. Just before the next Semester for college.

And last but not least, Thank you everyone for your patience & understanding. I wish everyone an awesome April, enjoy the weekend and cheers!

Sublab – My Heart Stops, When I See You

8 comments on “Real Life Updates 1.2”

  1. Hey my dude you take care of yourself first and foremost.
    My only request is since I don’t use discord an update here on how you’re doing and such is much better for folks like me.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I’ve been meaning to respond sooner. And I’ll remember to post any pressing situation update on all my platforms as much as within my ability.

      And Thank you for the support and well wishes.

  2. at the end of the day you have to lookout for yourself. take care and rest when you can. last thing you need is to collapse from overworking your mind and body.

  3. thanks so much for all your hard work, but please first and foremost take care of your wellbeing before anything else, you don’t want to exhaust yourself and then suddenly kicked the bucket.

    cause apparently that’s an Express way to get reincarnated to another world… that or eternal damnation depending on your beliefs.

    jokes aside, take care

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