Waddle waddle

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I am overwhelmed a bit. Because of real life work schedule. And on my side I do have notes for my stories.  And while I’ve been told by my peers I should concentrate on one thing at a time.

My mind has a hard time going through that method of tasking. I tend to jump or multi-task, and I’ve habitualized that process to a point. So breaking out of the habit is rough for me.

It’s like relearning a skill I dulled over time, because I didn’t use it very often.

Anyhow, I’m going to keep on doing my thing. And If a week were to pass without me blogging (out of choice) it really becomes shame on me. Now if I did not have the capabilities to do so, still I will apologize. But please be nice to me.

Moving on, so I do have several different projects going on. I’ll post them as I go, and at this point, because I do not have an editor. Everything will be in a raw format.

So Cheers to the Year of the Dog and may this year of mine lead me to better myself and my writing.!