Vol 3 Chapter 12

Kazuya’s cheeks loosened as his heart was healed by his cute maids, embodying a lady during the day and a harlot during the night.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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「Uuugghhh……my back….」

Renting a single room from the Den of the Dirty Devils, all through the night and ending at dawn   (In the middle of things, they stimulated the interest of several succubi leading them to peep, causing an accident to occur and Chitose used her Katana to drive those girls away),   today marked the end of the two day frenzied feast.

Returning to Camp Dallas Kazuya sat in his office, at a glance one could see his haggard expression, rubbing the dull and throbbing pain around his lower back.

Are you alright, master?

Would you like a cold compress?

Reina & Raina held back as they asked Kazuya a question, with worried expressions, right as Kazuya rubbed the area around his lower back.

「A~ah, sorry, please get me one」

I understand. I will bring one right away

Does it hurt, Master?

While the older sister Reina breaks into a small trot to grab a cold compress, in the meantime waiting for the cold compress the younger sister Raina gently rubs Kazuya’s lower back with her small hands.

They’re such good kids…..

Up until yesterday these two had been greedily drowning with carnal desires demanding for Kazuya’s seed, and yet the very same girls behaviors are now  tidy and refined.

Kazuya’s cheeks loosened as his heart was healed by his cute maids, embodying a lady during the day and a harlot during the night.

「Hy~ugh, it feels a lot better now. Thank you Reina, Raina」


After affixing the wet compress on his back, appropriate for their ages Kazuya thanks the two girls by gently patting their heads, and a tender smile full of pleasure floats from their faces.  Being healed by their figures as well, Kazuya decides to reward the two girls.

「Here, it’s your reward」

Kazuya declares while taking a paper knife cutter from his desk and begins to make a small cut on his index finger, with blood flowing he holds out his index finger before the eyes of the two girls.


Instantly gushing out with bright red blood, streaming forth from Kazuya’s wound on his index finger, Reina & Raina’s gentle expression completely changed to a thirst for blood at that moment.

Their expressions closely resembled that carnal night―― their cheeks blushed as their eyes were stained with lust, panting… gasping… and breathing out a long feverish sigh the two girls simultaneously kneel before Kazuya, competing against each other for his index fingers trickling blood, their small tongues viciously crawl all over gently licking his blood that overflew.

Nom…..sucks blood…~yuchu…..blushes…..nmmm…..tehe~pero

Bites……sucking sound…..nmm~fua…blushing….tehe~pero….chi~yu..

Sitting in his office chair Kazuya holds out his index finger for the two beautiful girls wearing french maid outfits that knelt before his eyes, sprouting from their backs their bat wings fluttered looking like puppies who’re wagging their tails as their faces flushed red, moving almost as if it were foreplay they deliriously licked while making a lewd splashing sound, appearing frustrated as their thighs restlessly rubbed together.

From the two girls lewd appearances, Kazuya poised himself for battle trying to imprison his son as it slowly tried to become erect.

Knock knock

『Master? Your helicopter is ready』

Today, was the scheduled inspection of the oil fields, as preparations for the VH-60N Presidential Hawk were close to completion, Chitose had arrived at Kazuya’s Oval office to inform him.

「Ack!! Oh, right. I got it, I’ll be heading out」

Immersed with a comfortable and pleasant feeling (from being sucked) Kazuya steadily gave his blood to the two vampire sisters, surprised by Chitose’s voice on the other side of the door he frantically replies back while discretely talking to Reina & Raina.

「It’s that time already…. Reina, Raina time to go~」

Fu~e?…….mmhm~ah…..nnNnn…. Okay

Chompsucking noise…mm~ha~a…..sighs……Understood

Sucking Kazuya’s blood from his index finger with ecstatic faces, immediately following his voice they stop what they were doing. Staring intently at Kazuya’s index finger wistfully, they were unable to do a thing because of their masters words and as a result of Chitose’s education, quickly they suppressed their vampiric instincts for blood and respond to Kazuya’s call.

「Come on, let’s go」

……I shouldn’t have let them drink that much, I wonder if it was too much?

Feeling giddy because they’ve drunk blood from their master, surpassing the highest grade wines. Kazuya opens the door to his office while rushing the two girls with crimson faces.

On the opposite side of the door Chitose led the maids Elle, Cher, Colette, mixed with members of the elite guard. And right next to Chitose stood Feene Rosinger.

「Huh, Ms. Rosinger? Didn’t you return home?」

Kazuya who thought it would only be Chitose, his maids and guards in front of his door, spoke out in surprise, seeing Feene standing right next to Chitose.

……Is there a problem with having me here?

In that small span of time away from Kazuya, she had been studying abroad at Parabellum HQ. Wistfully, Feene just returned not too long ago, but she felt really hurt by Kazuya’s casual manner of speech.

「Ah, no…. No problem at all」


Since the previous time (the day he helped the Half-Elf Belle), her attitude became gentler towards Kazuya but Feene turned away sulkily, like a pouting child whose parents didn’t bother to cater to them.

………!? Ugh, what am I doing!? It’s not like I’m sulking or anything or twisting my behavior!!

……….coughs to clear throat, ah whatever. I heard you were going to inspect the treatment facility that processes the burning water. Won’t you take me with you?

For about three seconds Feene turned her pouting face away from Kazuya, reflexively displaying childish behavior. Noticing her actions Feene blushes and tries to correct herself by smoothing things over with a question.

「A~ah, that would be great. Feene is a rather beautiful looking woman――mhmm!……I would be very welcome, if you were to come with me….」

chuckling um… you won’t be deceiving me with that obvious compliment

Kazuya tries to correct the situation but Feene questions the true intentions for his compliment, Feene’s mouth shook replying back negatively, but not really meaning it, while feeling delighted, her expression distorted, blushing with embarrassment.

While he did praise Feene for her beauty to improve her mood, Kazuya did not realize that the moment he called Feene a beautiful woman, he had created a crisis.

Oh, that’s great. Feene is a rather beautiful looking woman――mhmm!

――Vein snapping

I did it again ーーー!!! This is bad, really bad, fucked up bad!! I’m an idiot ーーー!!

…..I would be very welcome, if you were to come with me….

The moment Kazuya complimented Feene for her beauty, Chitose was stimulated with jealousy as her countenance distorted into a Han’nya, bursting with a dark miasmic aura.

This is bad……This is really bad. Would Chitose put her hands on my people (Female soldiers of Parabellum or the maids)?

Well she’s tolerant on that part, but she won’t allow me to be with outside women (Iris, Karen & Feene)!!

Why did I have to compliment Feene in front of Chitose!!

It may turn into another deranged banquet……!! (Internally shivering)

Pretending to be calm and collected on the surface Kazuya was secretly banging his head, writhing on the inside from Chitose’s Noh-like appearance when their eyes would meet.


When you return from the inspections, everyone will come serve you…..O~kay♪ 』

You… that isn’t a service…. It’s punishment disguised as service…..Ahaha…….

Kazuya turned white with exhaustion as their eyes connected, shocked by Chitose’s lip-syncing words.

Like the act of a play they were unaffected by their surroundings, the ecstatic Feene, the unstably anguished Kazuya, and the unapproachable Chitose clad in a dreadful air, members of the elite guard and the maids took some distance from the disorderly and awkward three people following in rows, heading towards the Presidential Hawk that stood by at the heliport.

Well then, Master. Please be careful and have a nice trip

Two Presidential Hawks arrived and stood by at the heliport awaiting for Kazuya to embark on them, with a smiling face Chitose mentioned that she would be staying behind at the base for a scheduled meeting with Amira Rosinger.

「Ah, I’ll be going…..」

Towards Chitose’s alluring smiling face, Kazuya could only return a few words.

Am I really going to inspect the oil fields like this was nothing and return to experience a heaven like hell again?  A heaven like hell? It will become another maddening lustful party!!

Thinking of a way to break the current situation, he looks over his shoulder, glancing towards Cher, Feene & Colette making sure they board the helicopter and aren’t watching, in a final act he suddenly pulls Chitose into his arms and forcibly steals her lips.

Eh!? Nmm!?……kissing sounds….slurping excess saliva….nmfufufu, deep kissing sounds…..parts lips..more~…kissing sounds

It was a good thing that helicopters created a lot more noise in the surrounding area as it masked Kazuya & Chitose’s lewd sounds, their tongues entwined with saliva, wriggling as he continued to violate her mouth.

nm~chi~yu, yes, yes….. Ma~master… I want more~♪…..

As the tempestuously passionate kiss ended, Chitose presses her waist towards Kazuya leaning on him as if she was being punished, leaking her voice requesting to continue as if they were committing a love affair.

「No we can’t, we can continue the rest when I return, “when its just us two.” Do you understand?」

Chitose’s desire was dismissed and cast away, as Kazuya exchanged a light kiss towards the end by just just touching lips.

Mhmm, yes ~ yes, I understand…… Master

Almost as if her charmed face was just an imagination, Chitose nodded with her usual dignified expression, separating from each other Kazuya puts more power into his step moving from his waist and departs. And after verifying that Chitose was far enough away, the Helicopter took off from the helipad.

Alright, this should simplify things and Chitose would be my only companion. I should be able to avoid another hysterically crazed party. Sigh……

As the helicopter gradually rises up into the sky, Kazuya takes in a breath since he was able to avoid another frenzied banquet.


But silently at his sides Kazuya was unaware, as Cher and Colette smiled with a strangely sweet grin.



Strong winds blew fiercely, as the sky was overcast, almost as if it would rain at any moment. Two VH-60N Presidential Hawks along with its escorts four AH-64D Apache Longbows and four Mi-24/35MK.III Superhinds carrying elite soldiers armed to the teeth. The ten aircraft fly in formation to hasten their journey, just so they can return to Camp Dallas.

….Mr. Nagato, you look rather unwell ….rather you look quite haggard, are you doing ok?

As compensation for sending reinforcements, the Monster Kingdom transferred their oil fields over to Parabellum, they would inspect them towards the end, just before they returned home. Inside the cabin Feene questions Kazuya for his exhausted appearance while the Presidential Hawk rattles, shaking against the high winds.

「……A~ah I’m alright. Don’t think too much of it」


On this occasion to inspect the oil fields, Feene sensed something was off, as Kazuya was unwilling to reply no matter what, about the reason for his gaunt appearance. His maids, Reina, Raina, Elle, Cher & Colette whom he was unable to reject, had squeezed him dry. And so Kazuya spoke ambiguously.

Looking towards Kazuya.

I wonder what happened to Mr. Nagato’s body?

Feene turned her neck in deep thought.

「The weather seems to be terrible…..」

Kazuya took a gander out of the Presidential Hawk’s window, in order to deceive Feene’s worry.

……Oh, I see

Feene noticed Kazuya’s candid topic change and so decided to follow along with Kazuya’s line of conversation.

It’s the season just before winter, this whole region often becomes quite stormy

「…Is that right? Then the monster tribes around here must have it hard」

No, there aren’t any Monster-kin that live around here

「Hm? Why not? As far as I can see it’s a hilly region with a bountiful nature…. 」

It’s the result of Demonic beings

「……oh, so it’s like that?」

Towards Kazuya’s response at her own words. Feene nods.

This region and plot of land is under the direct management of the Elves, I heard they control numerous fiendish Demonic beings, it would be quite reckless to even enter this place. In other words, a forest that no one returns from

Tch, that’s a waste. I guess it’s nice to leave nature untouched, right?

Calmly listening to Feene’s explanation, Kazuya casually glanced towards the surface.

There, something’s moving ―― hmm!!

Coming across something moving in the middle of the forest, Kazuya’s breathing froze.

Emergency Evasive Manuvers!! Bank right!!



Despite Kazuya’s sudden yell, the Presidential Hawk’s pilots reacted quickly, just like they were taught using all their might to bank right with the control stick and stepping hard on the engine pedals.

Because of that, the Presidential Hawk jumped like a rampaging horse, jolting the helicopter in a grand way.

Immediately following en masse, mana bullets crossed the space where Kazuya’s Presidential Hawk flew just a moment before.

「It’s the enemy!! Dammit ――」

Kazuya yelled and glared at the enemy, as the helicopter shook greatly from the unexpected right turn.

「―― how are there magic weapons in a place like this!?!」

The true form of Kazuya’s attackers were countless magical machines with “wings” protruding off their frame.

Instantly several reconstructed machina took to the skies above their target, Kazuya’s Presidential Hawk, concealing themselves in the middle of the forest they fired magical bullets in unison and after their surprise attack failed they immediately flew into the sky.

Not to mention the escorting aircraft, but even Reina, Raina & Elle’s Presidential Hawk which looks identical to Army 1 was not given a second glance. Only the Presidential Hawk that ‘Kazuya rode’ was relentlessly attacked.

HQ this is Army 1!! We’ve received a surprise attack from the enemy, over!!


HQ!? Respond, over!!


This isn’t good!! There’s no response!!

Shit!! At a time like this!!

The pilots of Army 1 and escort aircraft tried to get in touch with Parabellum HQ, but were unable to get through the radio interference.

Giving up on requesting for reinforcements, the escorts tried to protect the Presidential Hawk as it received an intense barrage from the magical machines coming up from the surface.

The AH-64D Apache and Mi-24/35MK.III Superhind fired their automatic cannons and anti-air missiles destroying a few magical machines, but the amount of enemy forces outnumbered them.

And during that time, due to his judgement Kazuya narrowly avoided the first attack, yet one after another machina concentrated their attack towards the Presidential Hawk making it difficult to evade, before finally hitting it. On the helicopters tail was a small rotor ―― in that moment a mana bullet struck the tail rotor, blowing it off.

『What?! Army 1 has been hit!!』

『No way, that can’t be!!』

『Something like that!! The President is on board that bird!!』

Immediately following Kazuya’s Presidential Hawk being shot, the escort pilots screamed while their aircraft flew about.

Bloody Hell!!

MAYDAY,   MAYDAY,   MAYDAY!!   This is Army 1!!   Our tail rotor has been struck by an enemy ambush!!   We are going down!!   I repeat!!   This is Army 1, we’ve been hit!!   We are going down!!

The tail rotor spewed black smoke as the Presidential Hawk spun wildly spiraling as it fell towards the surface. Inside the aircraft the deafening alarm blared as the two pilots desperately try to stabilize the helicopter, glaring at their dashboard, they cling to their control sticks while screaming.

Prepare for impact!!

Hanging on as their aircraft was assaulted by severe G-forces, Feene screamed  while Kazuya kept an eye out as they rapidly approached the ground.

All right!! Hopefully we will fall in the middle of the forest!!

Kazuya maintained his composure, clinging to the helicopters handrail while predicting where they would crash. It seemed like the aircraft suddenly changed directions overwhelmed by an invisible force drawing it towards a long and narrow chasm――Falling towards a jet black abyss, unable to see the valleys bottom.

What is that!?

Unexpectedly the helicopter fell in an unusual manner, Kazuya was astonished  during that time as the aircraft dropped as though it was manipulated by something within the valley, having being sucked towards its center.

Damn, that place is…!!

Within the deep crevasse they collided with the steep cliff walls, bouncing along its sides, the cabin rotated many times over, going up and down, up and down falling towards the bottom of the valley. Towards the end, inside the cabin Kazuya begins to lose his consciousness just as he sees the valleys bottom.


「Army 1, has fallen!! They’ve crashed!!」

Despite Army 1 being shot down, Army 2’s Captain cried out, dodging oncoming attacks from the Magical Weapons.

『For something like this, it can’t be!?』

『Ugh!! …..Dammitーー!!』

『This is……oh no, no no noーー!!』

The life of the man whom they were supposed to protect, right before their very eyes, his helicopter had fallen. The pilots voices echoed, their rage rose as their screams were transmitted across their radios.

「…. Fuck!! All units this is Army 2, breakaway from this airspace immediately!! 」

In that place Army 2’s Captain was the next high ranking officer in the line of succession, making the heavy choice he gave the order to evacuate, his expression was full of bitterness as if he had chewed a large quantity of bitter-tasting bugs, while the rest of the helicopter pilots retorted with insults.

『Withdraw!? I won’t abandon the President!!』

『Don’t screw with me!! You want to forsake the President and run off home!? 』

From the commands given by Army 2’s Captain, the pilots all objected in unison.

「Shut The Fuck Up!!」


The Captain’s roar causes the pilots to swallow their breath.

「Look at our situation!!  Even if we stayed here, we wouldn’t make a difference, we would only put pressure on the enemy and be destroyed」

Immediately following the Captain’s words, the magic weapons that shot down Army 1 changed their targets and they had brought down an AH-64D Apache Longbow and two Mi-24/35Mk.III Superhinds.

Moreover towards the Captain’s accurate judgement, in between the pilots conversation, each aircraft available fought back as much as they could, but as the magical weapons swarmed around them like flies, the pilots would frantically fly around, moving as if it were an evasion exercise.

『If that’s the case, then let us jump out before retreating』

Unexpectedly, one of the elite soldiers aboard the Superhind interrupted on the radio.

「It’s useless!!」

『Then why!?』

「I’m telling you to think about the situation!! That altitude is too short to deploy your parachute!!」

『But, if you directly―!!』

「You idiot!! If you hover at a lower altitude to jump, your aircraft will be brought down!! The only thing we can do now is return to Camp Dallas and request for reinforcements as soon as possible!!  Do you understand?!! 」

『……Fuck!! Got it, Sir!!』

『…..Understood, Sir…..』

The pilots harbored various thoughts, while yielding to the Captains analysis.

「Alright, all units withdraw immediately!!」

It was at that moment, while the Captain was shaking off the Magical Weapons pursuit and heading towards Camp Dallas.

―― Gaaarrraakch

Suddenly, from the back of the aircraft was the sound of the door being opened.

Surprised, the Captain turns his head to look back and in that moment, Reina, Raina and Elle jump out towards the Presidents Hawk.

「Wait a minut――shiiiit!!」

『You’re kidding me!? Somebody just jumped out of Army 2!!』

『What was that!?』

「This is Army 2!! The Presidents maids who’ve just been riding have jumped out!!」


『Then, what are we going to do now!?』

「There is nothing we can do!! It’s impossible to recover them!!」

The Captain tried to call and stop them from jumping, but the three maids were already soaring to the surface, Reina & Raina supported Elle as she couldn’t fly on her own.

「Damn it all!!」

As the three girls jumped out towards their target without thinking of the danger, the Captain desperately flew towards Camp Dallas repeatedly calling for rescue, with an indescribable feeling of helplessness and irritation, frustrated that they could only escape.

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