Vol 2 Side Story 2 [Karen’s Diary]

I was foolish for letting him try to sweet talk me!!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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3rd Day of △ month

… … Oh what a day.

While visiting the city in secret, I bumped into a strange man who stole my first kiss.

I smacked his face out of reflex, I know he apologized earnestly and all, and I was somewhat at fault too for not watching where I was going.

But because he stole my lips, to make up for it I made him work as my servant for 3~4 hours.

… … Though it was regrettable, I unexpectedly had quite a lot of fun.

I wonder if I’ll see him agi――

Ah~ no, uh never mind

10th Day of △ Month

Today became the worst day in my entire life.

The Magical Imperial Army of Alsace came into my duchy without warning.

Their numbers are about 600,000.

There’s no way for me to win.

I’ve already sent requests for immediate reinforcements to the Capital, but who knows when those reinforcements will arrive.

… … Will reinforcements even come?

But even if the reinforcements make it in time, there’s no hope for winning.

I guess that’s fine, oh well. I’ll just do what I can.

… … I wonder if this happened because I’ve become weak.

The man who stole my lips from just the other day flickers through my mind.

Ugh, why am I thinking of that disrespectful idiot.

Maybe I’m much more lady-like than I thought.

11th Day of △ Month

This day has become a disaster, I received a report that the 600,000 man army has surrounded my Fortress City.

Before the battles would begin an envoy came demanding for our surrender.

If we surrender, would they even give amnesty?

If that was the case, then stop looking at me with such lustful eyes.

That envoy decided to return with only his head back to his camp.

12th Day of △ Month

We’re currently going through an intensive siege.

I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.

13th Day of △ Month

The morale of my men have fallen to great lows.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, because our 20,000 is facing their 600,000.

We are severely outnumbered.

Even now, waiting for a miracle is so hard.

… … But even now, the truth is, the other side isn’t even getting serious.

14th Day of △ Month

The Outer gates for the fortress which had endured for so long fell, the moment when the Empire became serious.

If I had known that today would have been my last, I would have made some preparations … … But something incredible happened.

It was that man who had stole my lips, he led a strong group and came to help me.

Can you believe it!?

Jumping straight into the jaws of death just for me!?

When I first saw his face, I thought to myself ‘How?’

After a modest victory celebration, Kazuya (the man who stole my lips) and I had the opportunity to talk alone, just the two of us―― Without that annoying assistant of his around――  but all of a sudden, Kazuya surprised me again.

It was because… … He wanted to save me in order to make amends for stealing my lips.

… … He didn’t want me to die, so he came here to save me.

At that very moment, I couldn’t think, I completely, wholly fell.

But, but, what was that!?

I was foolish for letting him try to sweet talk me!!

Well I didn’t mean to hit him too hard in the face.

Hmph, but it did feel really good.

15th Day of △ Month

The fortress walls which have defended this city for so long were blown away by the Empire.

It’s all over… We were all filled with despair, but Kazuya went off and fought with the Imperial forces.

But in the process, he had lost several men. Kazuya became very depressed.

Kazuya, you’re too kind.

… … I can’t be mixing up my duty and personal matters.

16th Day of △ Month

Our victory was short-lived, as we received a report that the Empire had gotten reinforcements.

Their air machines and flying fortresses appeared right in front of us.

At that point it was clear, that we wouldn’t survive much longer.

Which was why, I wanted to become the sacrifice in order to save as much people as possible.

But again, that man surprised once more.

The moment he muttered into a strange box, the Empire’s forces were engulfed in Hellfire.

And not only that, suddenly an army that I have never seen before assaults the Empire.

I tried to press Kazuya, asking what kind of card he had played

But he successfully brushed me aside.

I guess that’s fine, oh well. But I won’t let him get away next time.

I want him to explain everything to me firmly.

Indifferent from his behavior, I’m quite sure Kazuya is the Commanding General of that mysterious army.

… … I was really worried how things would work out between us if our statuses where different, but now I’m quite certain.

We can definitely get together if it’s like this.

I can’t wait for the day it happens~

…. … The Diary abruptly trails off from here.

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TL Notes: Originally this Side Story was released by the author around Volume 4 Chapter 17-18. But it is actually relevant to Arcs in Volume 2.