Vol 2 Side Story 3 [Chitose’s Diary]

Master is mine alone. I won’t let anyone try to take that away from me.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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1st Day of ◯ Month

I was summoned for the first time by Master and I was able to get the 2nd highest position, which is Master’s personal aide.

I feel so complete. Muaa~   Oh that was too embarrassing, I shouldn’t drool with my mouth open like that.

I don’t want Master to hate me, that would be bad.  I have to be careful in the future, so I won’t make the same mistake.

If that were to happen when I’m right next to Master (And it causes him to hate me) I don’t think I could live at all.

Besides, I will never give up this position of serving Master to anyone.

Master is mine alone.

I won’t let anyone try to take that away from me.

2nd Day of ◯ Month

About ten hours away from the place we were summoned, Master is in danger.

Master is in a pinch surrounded by Demonic monsters, I’m almost there.

I shouldn’t have separated from Master’s side at all.

I will always be with him from this moment on.

… … Its seems Master managed to win his first battle.

Well this is… … my opportunity to shine.

It’s the perfect opportunity to build up Master’s affection for me, I’m so lucky.

I’ll get to embrace Master and dedicate myself to him… … But, erm, since this will be the first time I’ll be doing this, I’ll invite some more people.

4th Day of ◯ Month

That was amazing… …

In the beginning we had the upper hand against Master, but once Master decided to get serious, he went all out, teasing and playing with us, until we fainted one-by-one.

I just feel so ashamed because I felt so useless.

From now on, I need to do better to keep Master’s affection.

But after Master plucked my delicate flower, my body has become a lot better.

I wonder if it was because Master used something special?

… … Well, I can’t wait until next time.

5th Day of ◯ Month

Today, we went to build a fortified Headquarters on an Island, but then something unbelievable happened.

In addition to summoning more Soldiers, Master tried to remove me from my position as his personal aide.

I was happy that he was just worrying about my wellbeing, but I will never agree on leaving my position of being next to him.

I’m going to try persuade him to change his mind… actually…

Tonight we’ll have a “talk” about it.

8th Day of ◯ Month

The construction of our Headquarters is progressing smoothly.

But, right now we don’t have enough personnel.

I wonder if there’s someway I can help.

Even Master, is anxious about the lack of personnel.

… … I’ll try to heal his mind with my body.

9th Day of ◯ Month

I passed out again.

… … I won’t let that happen, next time.

17th Day of ◯ Month

Today we began operations to manufacture weapons.

Now even in the case of emergency, we won’t need to worry about weapons.

… …Master seems to be tired after over exhausting his summoning abilities.

I have to do something to help.

For the time being, I’ve added energy supplements with his meals.

19th Day of ◯ Month

I thought I could last until the end, Just a little harder!But I ended up fainting again.

I’m so sorry, Wa’aa~

29th Day of ◯ Month

Today I was finally able to endure Master’s affection until the very end.

I feel like I’m growing stronger too.

But, why does it feel like my strength increases every time I receive master’s affection?

When I tried asking Master to review my status, it seems my level is double than what the other people he summoned are.

It’s hard to understand it.

1st Day of △ month

We’re finally getting serious about the outside world.

From this moment on, because the future is uncertain, I’ll prepare to sacrifice myself for Master if need be.

The moment we set off, we rescued a bunch of people being attacked by demonic monsters.

Claiming to be a Knight order of a certain kingdom, we exchanged pleasantries.

I don’t mind lending a hand to help others, but if they so much as direct their eyes towards Master… … I’ll make sure they disappear.

2nd Day of △ month

This is just the worst.

My gut feeling was right. More than anything an annoying little bug has been crawling next to Master.

I need to do something about that little girl.

But, in the meantime I received Master’s affection. In a tent surrounded by the wilderness, it was different from the usual experience.

… … Some of the female Knights tried to ignore our small indiscretion.

3rd Day of △ month

For the first time ever, we arrived in our first city.

In the midst of the our Soldiers rejoicing, Master had escaped from mine and everyone’s attention, due to our celebration.

I panicked at Master’s disappearance, but we managed to find him quickly… …

When I couldn’t find Master’s whereabouts, my heart just stopped.

But what did Master do in those 3~4 hours when he went missing?

Master claimed that he was 「Sightseeing」 but I smell the scent of a woman I don’t know, coming off of him.

I’m going to have a “talk” with him tonight about it

4th Day of △ month

When I tried to question him about yesterday’s events, Master only became overbearing as if trying to hide his guilt.

Well… … It would be nice if he was a bit more overbearing, once in a while.

5th Day of △ month

We’re approaching the Canary Kingdom’s Capital city.

But there appears to be bug sticking close to Master―― this girls attitude is just too much.

Due to the circumstances, Master is too kind when he interacts with this girl, to even realize this girls twisted nature.

There’s a deep lust emanating off that girls eyes.

She’s beginning to see Master as her man.

I to have to do something about that girl.

6th Day of △ month

Right when our lunch break ended and we resumed movement, this bug suddenly sat in my spot on our jeep.

That’s MY designated seat, right next to Master.

This girl! It blew my mind.

I immediately called for her attendants, and had her thrown back into her own carriage.

7th Day of △ month

As soon as lunch preparations were complete, I went to give Master his meal, but that little insect was sitting in his lap.

Ugh, this girl―― inexcusable!

I immediately called for her attendants, and had them retrieve the little bug.

8th Day of △ month

Lately, this girl has been sticking really close to Master.

Because of this, I can’t leave those two alone anymore.

A demon feigning innocence――― I won’t let you.

9th Day of △ month

That’s it, I’m already fed up with this.

That little girl and Master came to our tent around midnight.

I immediately rushed out trying to catch them in an affair, but the mood surrounding them wasn’t like that at all.

I’ll need to clear up this…. …. pent up resentment.

10th Day of △ month

Today we made it to the Canary Kingdom’s Capital.

It would appear that Master has become interested in females of other races.

I will make sure to arrange something later.

Master warned me not to cause another commotion in the Adventurers Guild.

But several pieces of trash tried to defile this body which is for Master’s use alone. I didn’t do anything wrong.

I then brought Master to a mansion I purchased under an alias.

A female attendant from the guild had presented the mansion to us.

Master was really pleased with it.

They appeared to have a small humorous conversation, but that’s okay.

Because after this, I’m going to devote my entirety to gain Master’s affection.

I’ll give it my all for Master’s pleasure, so my value increases in master’s eyes.

It will be a good time to try out all sort of things.

… … The Diary abruptly trails off from here.

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TL Notes: Originally this Side Story was released by the author around Volume 4 Chapter 17-18. But it is actually relevant to Arcs in Volume 2.