Real Life updates 0.7

Real Life stuff and a minor update on volume 3 chapter 23


Well its not the best way I want to start off my December, but I’ve caught something and have been feeling a bit under the weather.

My College semester is in its final stages, a couple more weeks, finals and then a break, before the Next semester rolls over.

Translating v3ch23 is almost there, but its not my immediate focus. Picture below.

Link here if you can’t see the picture

I just need to go over 10 more segments. The current word count of the chapter already exceeds 4900. I think after I translate and review those segments I’ll have reached 5000 words or something.

As for my ailments, I’m taking medicine for my sinuses and fatigue. And I’ve been taking a little more naps and rest breaks because my concentration and focus on things are at  80% at best and 30% when I feel zombied out.

All in all, I wish everyone an awesome December, Winter season and Happy Holidays.

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    1. The Raw MT means, Raw Machine Translation. I disabled that feature hence the reason why it’s at 0%. I didn’t wan’t pre-translate using a machine, just because I feel like I would confuse myself. I’ve mentioned this around the time I was translating chapters 6-8, but I like listening to Japanese speech, sequentially with their characters. Or I read it out loud to myself. I’m not very proficient with Kanji so a dictionary helps to convert it to Furigana, thus helping me read it out loud to myself.

      I hope that answers your question, and thank you for the well wishes *bows*

    1. I’ll bring it up in my next ramblings update. But the short and simple, is that those posts are a bunch of ideas I have floating around. I may open them up at a later date or give the password for them in a post.

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