Real Life updates 0.6


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!  Even if you don’t celebrate it!!  Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome time!

And so the month of November is coming to an end. I have 1 more month of college and then I’ll be studying for finals (realistically its less than a month).  But looking back at the amount of chapters I’ve worked on from May until now (17 chapters so far). I’m a bit flabbergasted, that I even did all of that.

And I bring this up because, I am really, really, really thankful to all my readers and those who’ve encouraged & supported me to keep on continuing to translate/edit “Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World” or as it’s already been established “Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World” (the titles are just nuances of each other).

I am deeply thankful for your positive comments and encouragement. I look forward to bringing you guys more content and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! And even if this isn’t your holiday, I wish you a wonderful Holiday season!!

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