Real Life Updates 0.4


Another new week and the month is already halfway done. Vol 3 CH 20 news here.

For College I have midterms this month, so I just need to brush up on my math and get a groove on equations and stuff. For English I’m going to have to work on comprehension in several areas and some of the MLA format for my upcoming exam.

Nothing toooo major.

Hmmmm… work life is systematic. I operate a machine, the machine does the job, I make sure I won’t injure myself or anyone else in the vicinity. So Yay! Plus our workplace has not had an injury in 50+ days now so, I guess things are looking good.

As for personal life, I guess the most awesome things I do is donate platelets. I roughly donate about twice a month. I don’t have a concrete reason as to why, just that I feel like doing it and I know it’ll help someone in the end.

A gallery link of my donations, if you’re not comfortable with needles or blood you don’t have to click on it.

So I wish everyone a wonderful week and life live with satisfaction!


kudasai – the girl i haven’t met

Featured image is by 弥南  Pixiv| Twitter