Real Life Updates 0.35


College Stuffs

In the midst of doing college work, I managed to finish v3ch19

But just to give you guys a picture of my groups topics for their essays.

Member #1 – Soul of a machine, article LINK

Member #2 – Honolulu Rail and why its bad, article LINK

Member #3 – Depression in Men is suffocating, article LINK

Member #4 – Visual Analysis : I-Phonekkake, Link to image

Member #5 – Visual Analysis : Detroit past & present, Link to article with gallery

Member #6 – Statute of Limitations for sexual abuse on minors, article Link

With each essay draft, I had to look for the thesis statement, review their content analysis, their rhetorical analysis, review for consistency and if any parts would confuse a reader and lastly extra criticism for improvement.

And like what I mentioned in RL 0.3 peer critiquing my group members essays was really rough on my mind.  So I went to go distract myself with memes and various stuff on Novel Updates Forums.

Work Stuffs

Doing labor as an iron-worker, is quite the environment. It gets pretty interesting sometimes using machinery that can cut or flange (bend/shape) metals into different pieces.

Working with metals of different thicknesses, watching out for safety is always a thing. We keep a counter for any work injuries and so far the last work injury was 30+ days ago. As for that, I think one of the dudes just got a minor foreign object to his eye. Like maybe a sliver of metal managed to get in between his safety glasses or something.

But overall, learning about metals and the sciences of this stuff is cool, well I think it is.

Translating Stuffs

About the chapter though, I’m starting to notice a little about the Author’s naming sense. And I am assuming,  Lieutenant Colonel Barr Adalbert – is a made up name.

But with how the story is presented. Mr. Tomahwak has a fascination with military weapons & equipment (obviously). But a lot of things are related towards Germany and Europe and a lot of those areas. And I am assuming this is where he draws a lot of his inspiration from.

Now before I go on a tangent of random thoughts. I will bullet a bunch of things.

  • Alsace – is a located in eastern France, on the west bank of the Rhine right next to Germany and Switzerland.
  • Adalbert – was once a Duke of Alsace
  • Barr Surname – The surname Bar was first found in Lower Saxony, where the name Bar was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area.
  • Albaum – an actual municipality in Kirchhundem, Germany

I will just stop at that. Because speculating will just lead me away from translating more chapters.

Well if anything, I can now refer to the Magic Imperial Citizens as Alsatian, due to their country being called Alsace.

Off Topic (not so off topic) Rant

Now this is just my opinions as a translator, but in order to make stories relate-able to a target audience from its original language. It takes some time for me familiarize myself with another country’s culture and history.

Frankly this isn’t about Japanese Isekai anymore, because now I’m doing history research about Europe, Axis, Allies, weapons, famous people and stuff like that.

In some comments I’ve screened, there was some constructive feedback, some much more super negative than others, so those things I’ve just hidden from public.

They were along the lines of “I like your translation”, “increase the speed and stop with the references.” With emphasis on speed.

My public reply to these kinds of demands, the quality of my translations will drop, and I’d rather not do that. I take pride in my work, even though I’ve made several grammatical errors. I appreciate that you took the time to read my work, but I will not give into such a demand.

So anyway I want to wish everyone a wonderful week and take care!



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