Real Life Updates 0.3


And so here’s another life conundrum that I’m in the middle of. The balance of Work, School & hobbies.

Managing my site has grown in the past month, I’ll be honest I’ve never received this much spam ever in  a few days. (94 Spam Comments)

But even while I’ve set my comment filter to strict, stuff still gets through.  In the past couple days I’ve been emptying my comments spam.  Well I do sort through them to make sure, I don’t delete an actual true readers, comment.

But about 98% of the Spam comments are really just spam, trying to link their sites or gain info from my site.

Okay moving on from Site maintenance, after being reminded both by my readers, peers and family. I have prioritized my current flow of things

My focus is

1. College
2. Work (Iron worker/ Laborer)
3. Personal Health
4. Hobbies (This includes Translating)

And lately, College English is kicking my butt.  After rewriting my paper, I also had to read and peer critique my group partners papers.  And so that’s about 6 different essay’s I had to read their topic, proofread their paper, review the article they were analyzing, and providing various feedback about their essays.

Had to do a rhetorical triangle for each paper. (Logos, Ethos & Pathos)

I could go on a tangent, but I’ll just stop here.

Let’s see Work-wise is the usual iron-workers procedure.

And Health-wise, medical professionals told me I’m overweight for my height at my age. So they recommended I do cardio and a bunch of other fitness recommendations. Diet change too, don’t eat certain types of stuff or cut back on portions.  And mainly getting rest. At least 6-7 hours, because lately I just run on 4~5, due to my schedule.

Anyhow, If you’re wondering why the excessive amount of info. Truthfully I just feel like mentioning it, and the other reason is the just in case I’m busy, you guys can put the puzzle pieces together.

Now Lastly, and this really will be it for this update, I plan to create a Discord sometime in the future. I haven’t made one yet, I’m just considering the idea, so don’t get your hopes up yet. If its definite, I’ll provide a link and stuff.

Alright Cheers to ya’ll and enjoy October!!


Bring Me The Horizon – Drown


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