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Here’s the 2nd chapter for the month of November, for your reading pleasure

Volume 3 Chapter 22

Here is Volume 3 Chapter 23’s analysis.

After so long we are back to the normal standard Character count. 5228 Japanese characters which roughly makes up 4986 words.  At 182 segments, I can assume it’s another dialogue heavy chapter.

Minor spoiler though, the next several chapters are slice of life.

Oh and someone mentioned why do I place squiggly line breaks in between my chapters.  Well technically the Tomahawk-Sensei sort of, divides his chapters up with dashes breaking them into parts. And each chapter thus far has been composed of 3 to 4 parts.

I could also translate partial chapters by following the chapter breaks too.  But as a reader, I’m not fond of reading whole chapters broken up into parts. So I made it my goal translate chapters in their entirety, so that interested folks don’t need to suffer.

Anyhow, I’ll be working on this chapter in-between my breaks. So don’t get your hopes up about receiving a third chapter this month, but if I finish it, I’ll make sure to post it.

Thank you for reading my work, and I look forward to translating another chapter for you all!!

Cheers and enjoy!


Stonebank – The Pressure

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