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Here’s another chapter for your reading pleasure.

Volume 3 Chapter 20

and yes it’s the 2nd chapter for this month, at least I made it before it ended, Yay~

Another analysis page for the next upcoming chapter 21

And we are back to almost the usual amount of characters for a standard chapter. Which I think averages between 4000 – 5000. But I digress.

While the amount of segments is at 223, the character count leads me to believe that there is a lot of dialogue in between them.

I still have college going on so, I’m still following my 2 chapters a month rule, that way I don’t overwhelm myself. Which means that for the rest of the month I need to concentrate on my classes. (But I may translate a few sentences/ segments every now & then, until the month ends)

Now on a side note, I’ve been trying to update my character page and glossary, it’s still one of those I edit as I translate and read any upcoming chapters.

Thank you for your continued support!  Enjoy the week!

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