Ramblings 0.78 (v3ch19 News)


I finished a day early so here is your chapter without further ado

Volume 3 Chapter 18

So here’s my projection of Chapter 19, with consideration for RL, I can probably get this done before the month ends. So possibly around the week of September 24-30.

The usual technical analysis, 252 segments with 9108 characters.  And that could mean a rough English translation of 4000~6000 words. Or another way to put it a 20 something page essay.

Yup yups, well not much to broadcast for the time being except the usual my RL will probably bore you.  And I’m still working on changing my site a bit more, I pretty much changed themes from “Lovecraft” to “Heart and Style”. I might try other themes, so there may be other templates besides this one.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your weekend!!



Armada Invites – Orjan Nilsen


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