Ramblings 0.735 (v3ch16 Updates)

Translation progress for Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World


So here’s my progress on Vol 3 Chapter 16, I’m approximately 18% sure about my translations. Here’s a pic for reference.

So I finished 66 segments out of 244 (a sentence or paragraph) it depends on the line combination, when I upload the word file to Memsource. So I have 178 segments more to translate.

The picture below is what I look at when I translate, you can make it bigger by opening the picture in another tab/window by itself or click here

And that is also a preview of the beginning parts of chapter 16. Please note this is like the 1st draft translation. So I still need to edit the actual dialogue and paragraph structure later.

I’m about a few days into translation (I started on Monday). I had to take extra work shifts this past Saturday and Sunday. So I estimate I can finish this chapter most likely by next week, roughly between the 13th-17th of August.

And that’s pretty much it for the progress update, ‘RL’ is manageable as I haven’t been burnt out by things yet. Oh I will start college classes soon, but that’s like towards the end of the month and shouldn’t interfere with this upcoming chapter.

Now enjoy the rest of your week and weekend and I hope to bring you guys the next chapter of “Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World” soon!




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