Ramblings 0.72 (V3CH15 news)


Well I just finished Volume 3 Chapter 14 after a grueling amount of random events.

Click here to check it out

Anyway my week wasn’t bad work-wise. But my neighborhood went through several annoying brown-outs (power outage during day) and blackouts (power outage at night).

So that happened on Thursday (Rambling 0.71) and you know what, while I was working on Ch14 Friday night the power went out. I saved my work but they didn’t fix the power until morning.  Below is a picture of my dark neighborhood with the moon illuminating things. The orange streetlight in the distance is like several miles off, but the one near my rental is off.


Well my gripes aside, chapter 14 is out. As for Chapter 15, here’s a little look at that.

Word Count

Very much a standard chapter character count. So I should finish this thing in a week in a half, if no life surprises impede me. And the release is likely to be in the 2nd week of August.

So enjoy the rest of this month and have fun!  Below is some music I just got into.


Subfer – Better (Feat. Sophie Dolce)

KING – Only U