Ramblings 0.65


Yaayy! I finally got it done.

Here’s Vol 3 Chapter 12

Well my week started good and became a bit more annoying towards the end and it carried over into my Saturday (Work-wise that is. I know you don’t care about my work life, I won’t bore you guys).

Here’s a bit of some past ramblings (0.64 & 0.645)

So how, why did it take a little longer for this chapter than the other ones?
– There was a lewd amount of redundancy

It took about 2 weeks.
– Did it really? I was more concerned about finishing the chapter than the time.

Well are you going to take just as long for the other chapters?
– I’m translating after my work hours, I can’t guarantee a pace or schedule, that’s why the chapter comes out when I finish the whole process (TL, editing, references).

Any other things? 
– Like what? My character page or the glossary or fixing this site? I know your not serious about that question.

Ok, thank you for your time
– Likewise, enjoy the day.

I’m taking a break for three days, I’ll start translating on Tuesday (7/10/2018). So enjoy your weekend and have fun!