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(7/6/2018 12:57AM) Edit: Here’s my current status

Still working it, I may be late, its could appear on Saturday instead of later on tonight. It’s early morning right now, so I will take a nap before heading off to work. Ciao!!


Here’s my Monday night update.  I’m roughly 37% complete on Vol 3 Chapter 12 and so far my time on this has reached 7 hours over the past 3 days. Friday-Saturday-Sunday, well if you add the time I’ve put in today its more like 9 hours.

Well the author formatted this chapter into three parts, I’ve completed one portion of it so far, and I’ll get through the rest within this week.

My day job seems to be slowing down on the production of goods, so I think I’ll be able to have more time to translate this week. And just from what I’ve translated so far, I’m planning on using sound descriptions instead of the actual sound pronunciation, for some parts.

I mean I think it may be a bit hard to picture or visualize



「*Deep kissing noises*…. *slurping sound*….*parting of lips*..」

but that’s my opinion when it comes to translating this kind of stuff.

Honestly, when I first read this in Japanese, I thought they were words, but then I realized they were sound effects, because they looked familiar. And it’s usually what I would see in manga…. yup, I face palmed myself for not realizing it sooner.

Moving on, if nothing big comes up at work where I need to do more labor I think I’ll be able to post chapter 12 by this Friday (7/6/18), that’s my estimate.

I think If I spend at least 2 hours a day for the next four days, I should be able to finish the translation. Editing & references may take another hour though. And after that chapter is done, I will ponder about how to tweak my site. I’ve been told my Menu bar blends in with my background, and I will work on it after this chapter (I’m prioritizing translating over tweaking my site, I’m already 5 chapters in it already).

Anyway cheers to everyone, Happy Canada Day (July 1st) for those in Canada, Happy Behdienkhlam (July 3rd) for those in India and Happy Fourth (Independence Day) to all the Americans of the USA.