Ramblings 0.6


Its the middle of the week I guess, well I’m more or less 60% done translating Vol 3 Ch 10 for MWFW. And I’ve spared as much extra time on this chapter for today.

This post is just me letting the community know I’m still alive, and I’m doing what I can in my free time to translate.  Well besides translating, I also play video games to clear my mind from working hard.

While it does entertain me, when I do read the things I translate, It does put a strain on my mind.  Besides me using energy drinks here and there, video games help me reset a little.

So besides playing on my laptop, a little RPG’s here and there or on my mobile sometimes. I play Valkyrie Crusade on my mobile. Or sometimes I borrow my brothers Xbox one and play some Monster Hunter World and a bunch of other titles.

But at most I try not to spend too much time on those, because rest is important. If I don’t rest then my body feels all fatigued and there have been days, when I feel like a husk after doing an all-nighter.

Ah well, moving on before I go blabbing too much in this post, I should probably finish Ch 10 by this Friday, if nothing crazy pops up. Meaning I should have finished translating, editing and adding references.

Oh, by the way, I have mixed feelings about this(mostly negative). But apparently my work has been popping up on aggregator websites. I highly highly highly recommend not going to them, One of my reasons, is that I checked one out myself and none of my reference links transferred over. And the linked texts are usually erased, so it sort of messes with the story.

Well Cheers to the week and enjoy!