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Well it is now the middle of the week and I’m working on

Vol 3 Chapter 9  ~ 8079 Characters (approx 7665 words)

Still need to finish translations and on top off that edit the chapter and include references and stuff of that sort.

Now, I’d like to gripe, that this chapter was mainly an info dump. And there were times where I became confused by the same characters being used to imply several different things.

Here is one Example from the raws
魔 – means: [demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence; or a person who usually performs a negative act] 法具 – means: [ritual implements]

Now, combine these three (魔法具), you can get “magic tools” but depending on context, you can get magical furnace, magical fixture, magical weapon, magical etc…..

I’m still spending a few hours here and there to translate. And I think later this month I may get really busy with real life. So my translating time will drop as I need my rest.

I can’t be operating heavy machinery all tired and groggy, I could lose a limb or maybe my life. So please don’t demand for a faster release.

I don’t make scheduled releases, it’s because I know I won’t be able to fulfill them.

But every chapter I translate will be released in its full entirety(after editing of course).

I don’t like splitting things into parts. Even if the word/character count maybe ridiculous.
(standard chapter may be 6354 characters, and a non-standard chapter could be 14,923 characters)

Thank you to all my readers for the encouraging comments. And for the not encouraging comments, I appreciate that you stopped by and expressed your point of view(but I may have deleted what you wrote, because i may have received a little ire from it).

So have fun & enjoy the rest of the week, cheers!