Ramblings 0.52


So Vol 3 Chapter 8 is already out, yes I know.  I’m just posting my version of it.

So if you want to check out my version please click this sentence.

Vol 3 Chapter 8  ~ 4455 Characters (approx 4277 words)

Wednesday ~ Spent about 2 hours & 27 minutes translating about 24% of Vol 3 Ch 8. This was basically the first part of the chapter, before the line break.

Thursday Spent another 3 hours and 22 minutes to bring the chapter up to 51%. And I managed to reach the second line break.

Friday ~ Spent a good 2 hours and 13 minutes to bring the chapter up to 78%

Saturday ~ Completed the chapter after 2 hours 47 minutes. I spent another 3 hours or so, linking references and doing some editing.

So…. am I going to continue this series? Short answer, yes.

Will I be doing regular releases or scheduled releases? Yes and no. Well not really. if I can translate things in a swift manner, and edit them I can post it throughout the month, regardless of a schedule. At least 2 chapters a month seems reasonable, by my life calendar. Everything else in between is kind of an extra.

Why don’t you start at the latest chapter? In short, it was hard for me to understand the translations after Chronons (vol 3 Ch 6). Terms would change, names would change, I’m not a fan of Japanglish, it sort of seems weird and cringy sometimes. Watching anime or seeing it in manga is fine, but reading it in a web novel or light novel is weird to me.

Well for more chapters, I just need more free time to work on them. I currently have 2 jobs one Full-time (8hr shift) and one Part-time (4~6hr shift), and I mentioned this in previous ramblings, but I will prioritize my health and jobs over translations.

But I won’t leave people hanging, If I ever have too much on my plate, I’ll let the community know, that I can’t translate.

Alright cheers and enjoy your week!