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So it’s the weekend, and it is a holiday weekend for me. I will translate at my leisure, because I am going to use one full day to sleep in and be lazy.

Work was quite annoying, especially when you need to repeat a task that was already completed. Just because another coworker had assumed, that the project was finished and therefore disassembled equipment & structures needed for the project.

We basically lost about two days of work, remaking staging and frame materials for a piece. And that’s the end of that shpeel….

On a side note, I read all of Chronon’s chapters for “MWFW”, I’ve also attempted to read the translators after him…. my head hurts….

As of right now, I’m about 17% done with translating Vol 3 Chapter 7, there are like three perspectives combined in that one chapter. The whole chapter has a rough count of 5883 Characters.  I’ll attach a picture for that.

v3c7 character count

I’d like to also work on my character page and glossary, but I decided to wait on that after I finish the chapter.

So enjoy your weekend peoples and have fun

*Extra photo* this is how I usually translate