Ramblings 0.27

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Oh its just me chiming in that, I’m putting in some time (1 hour) to translate some sentences here and there.

That and I’m just taking a fast break from computer stuffs to play Valkyrie crusade and the like.  Currently, there’s “The Demon Minister Juggernaut” event going on, so i also want to put in an hours-worth of time into maintaining my ranking an stuff.

So much things I want to do, and there are stuff that needs to be taken care of too. But imma procrastinate a bit. I’m allowed to do that right?  I mean I don’t have class until next semester. So I will indulge here and there.

Well not makin promises, but I am assuming I can finish chapter 6 by this weekend. and this is just me projecting I spend at least 2 hours translating and about a final hour just editing.

If its up, its up. if its not, well i want it to be.’

Alright, Im out, ciao.