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So while I was compiling a table of contents and working out some thingy majigs. I came across dead links for “Bringing Modern weapons to a Fantasy world”

Mostly its just Chapter 7 Volume 3. and Chapter 6 part 2 of the same volume.

I’m not planning to take over the duty of providing a schedule or anything. I’m just doing this on my whim and I do not expect anyone to take me seriously.

I haven’t spoke to any other translators about picking it up. And I don’t feel like broadcasting just yet. Because I’m still trying to get back into translating again.

And once I establish my style of things. MAYBE, I might have a schedule. But I don’t expect payment. Again, I’m just doing this on a whim. Hopefully my work can get feedback in the sense of translation quality.

That’s the goal of my whimsical hobby translating.  I just kind of want things to make sense.

*that and I’m stuck in a writers block for original stuff*