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So I’m gonna do some hobby translating.

I’ve decided to try a free trial of some Computer-assisted translation software.

that and I’ve decided to just start off small and do minor short clips on whatever I feel like picking up.

Lately, for asian webnovels im just gonna try to put my understanding of things into some form.

And well, I’m just a native English speaker with, a little knowledge on French, Japanese, Filipino(Tagalog) & Samoan languages.

I do not consider myself an expert. I just want to learn different cultures and their stories.

Well moving on I will attach the source link of what I plan to Hobby translate.

Fantajī sekai wo gendai heiki chīto ga iku.
Or “Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World”

Me personally, I just feel its a bit ~meh, just because it’s literal translation.
I’m feeling of changing the title to

-“A Modern Weapons Cheat in a Fantasy world.”
-“A Military Nerd in a Fantasy World”

Yeah, its a bit of a stretch, but that is actually what the story is really about.

So at the moment, I’ll just be doing minor stuffs. and posting whatever I do on my projects page