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Of a person who has anxiety {I guess}

Urgh.. I just woke up not too long ago having a rough dream. It’s not a nightmare where my heart is pounding or anything like that. But it just borders that creepy feeling, like when your the last person on earth type of feel.

BACKSTORY: {Recalling my dream}

I’m in a big hallway of a hotel, rooms on my left and right and about 20 doors down or so I can see the Fire exit stair sign. Behind me is another 20 or so odd rooms and I’m right next to an elevator. No one is around and it feels as if there is no signs of life on this floor. No sounds either (I don’t know if you can hear in dreams) or maybe I just can’t recall.

Rather than take the elevator beside me, I’m more inclined to use the stairs with the Fire exit sign, which is at the end of the hall. So I begin to move in that direction. *frame skip* I’m at the stairs and I’m not sure what floor I’m at, but I can see more than several flights down and there are actually more levels above me too.

In my dream I’m conflicted between going up or down, but eventually I go up the stairs. Almost as if hoping the door to the roof or a higher floor is open or something. *frame skip* I’m at the end of the stairs leading up, and I’m before a door with my hand on the knob. Pulling it open, expecting to see the top of the building or just the top floor. My body just wakes up…

And now I’m just left with [what the internet tells me is] a sense of anxiety…