My haphazard life pioneering C1

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“What the hell happened to me?”

I just turned a corner, thinking it was shortcut to my house. But here I find myself in some strange woods. Looking behind me I’m completely lost, there are just woods surrounding me.

I wasn’t that lost in thought, I was just daydreaming about confessing to this girl in my class. But all of a sudden the city became a dense forest. I began walking in the general direction the sun was setting.

“I think this is the way.”

And then the world starts spinning, my legs leave the ground as something grips my ankles really tight. I begin to swing upside-down, and something begins to come closer to my face. Without my glasses my view becomes blurry, I stretch out my hand to cover my face in case I whack a tree. Contrary to my assumptions, I hit the back of my head on something really hard, and my consciousness fades.



“Thanks for all your hard work.”

“Raj. No worries boss.”

My daily routine was school in the morning and work after lunch. In part it was because I was accelerating my classes, I only had school for half a day, taking extra courses during the school breaks.

“Hey you forgot this box, hurry up what your doing and stop daydreaming!”


Work was fairly simple, I’m just a laborer at a general packaging warehouse. Lifting, packing, moving standard size boxes and the like. Occasionally since I work with a bunch of older men who have no lives, I tend to whip up a decent meal for the gang.

I’m not a chef, but with whatever ingredients them old-timers bring, I tend to make a meal they tear up too.


“jfkhteno alnuovwqenk dsfuibcegvwq”

“skjnv . .. aoiurhoiw…. wegbsd…”

My head is throbbing from before, I could overhear voices around me. I can’t understand what they are saying, but from their tones, they don’t seem very happy.


I can feel a persons’ yelling directed at me, when all of a sudden a heavy pressure hits my chest.

*Hack.. Cough.. Cough.*

I open my eyes while, trying to grasp my chest.


I mumble a few words, and I try to say I can’t understand. Then another heavy pressure assaults me from my back. What the hell, I’m being played around like a toy. More shouting is occurring around me, as I think I will be beat up to death.


On the verge of losing my consciousness once more, a warm feeling surges my body and the pain I once felt disappears. I had opened my eyes instinctively, and before I drifted towards stupor, I caught a smile of person bathed in a bright light.