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Nagato Kazuya

The protagonist of this story. He was a Military nerd “Miriota” during his time in High School, but he died too soon. A mistake from God, so as an apology he was sent to another world with several overpowered abilities.

『The ability to summon weapons and soldiers to operate them』

『The ability to manage summoned weapons and soldiers』

『The ability to summon military munitions, resources, personnel and facilities for the operation & maintenance』

Along with the three abilities, he was given attributes, such as
【Mental Resilience】
【Body Toughness】
【Common Language】
【Great luck】

He is the Sovereign Leader of the Military Nation Parabellum. He is referred to as President, but is treated more as a dictator as his followers abide by his commands.

Katayama Chitose

A Military Commander of Kazuya’s soldiers, and part of the first wave of summons. She is the strongest individual out of those summoned and strictly attaches herself as Kazuya’s #1 aide. She worships Kazuya like a God and displays fanatical or delusional tendencies, since she is willing to do anything for him without question.

Nagato Asuka

Kazuya and Chitose’s daughter

Aoba Ibuki

She is Parabellum’s #3 in charge, and like Chitose was part of Kazuya’s first wave of summons. She is relentless to her subordinates, but caters to Kazuya.

Nagato Suzuka

Kazuya and Ibuki’s daughter

The Saved Seven

The Vampire Sisters Reina & Raina,
Elle the Ogre,
Luminous the Dark Elf,
Wilhelmina of the wolf tribe,
Cher the Lamia,
Colette the fox-kin.

These were the seven slaves that were saved from the underground dungeon. During the time Kazuya purchased his mansion at Canary’ Kingdom’s Central Capital. After healing them, they swore allegiance to Kazuya.  [Vol 2 Ch6 1st appearance]

Isabella Vellhelm

She is the Queen of the Canary Kingdom, but only as a figurehead, because she does not have much authority.

Aria Vellhelm

A Princess of the Canary Kingdom with the title of Princess Priestess. She is able to predict the future through Oracles. However the actual accuracy of these predictions borders on guesses.

Iris Velhelm

Born with different colored eyes, one green and one blue. In the Canary Kingdom, odd-eye colored individuals are viewed as impure. And as a result the princess was forced to live in obscurity.

Karen Lautrec

Duke of the Canary Kingdom and tsundere to Kazuya. When Kazuya risked his life to help fight for her territory (Fort City Nāshist), she couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

Maria Broad

A childhood friend of Karen. She works as Karen’s subordinate and is a witch.

Phyllis Gardening

The leader of the 2nd Knight squad of the Canary Kingdom, that met Kazuya during a bug raid. Also she was part of Iris Velhem’s escort during that time.

Beretta Zara

One of the knights from Canary Kingdoms 2nd Kinght squad, who also met Kazuya during the bug raid.

Colt Zara

Beretta’s younger sister, who is in a different knight order.

Celicia Flintlock

A former nun whom Kazuya saved using his perfect healing. She was mortally burned as a casualty of the Imperial Army fighting at Fort City Nāshist.

Rather than following a religion, she now worships Kazuya as her Divine savior.

[Vol 2 Ch 12 1st appearance]

Prime Minister Raven

An old man whose known for controlling the Canary Kingdom from behind the scenes

Amira Rosinger

The Demon King (technically Queen) of the Monster Kingdom, and also the leader for the Ogre tribe.

Feene Rosinger

Amira’s eldest daughter, who has a stiff personality.

Lena Rosinger

Amira’s second daughter, who has a whimsical personality.

Major Glenn

Commander of the Parabellum Special Forces Unit 『Black Phantom』
Battalion Sized special forces group, consisting of fifteen squads total. The members referred to as Dark Specters are a mix of summoned personnel and purchased magical slaves.  [Vol 3 Ch 8 1st appearance]

Captain Naruse

Special Forces Company Commander for Squads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie[deceased] & Delta.

[Vol 3 Ch 8 1st appearance]

Urseus Bright

Head Chief Researcher of the Alsace Magical Empire

During the Ancient Fortress raid, they studied the Loewen myths to produce immortality drugs. But in an accident, he would be the only survivor of that facility.

[Vol 3 Ch 9 1st appearance]

Slave Alsace Budweiser

Grand Emperor of the Alsace Magical Empire

Mutaguchi Renya

Summoned Otherworlder who is working for the Alsace Magical Empire .

He is Parabellum’s mortal enemy, and hates Nagato Kazuya.

Adèle Saxony

Formerly referred to as Adel (male) Saxony.  She was a summoned Otherworlder working for the Alsace Magical Empire, until captured and converted to work with Parabellum.

Ota Shoichi

Summoned Otherworlder who is working for the Alsace Magical Empire.

[Major]  Hans Ulrich Rudel

Summoned Heroic figure (a copy of the original) is currently a pilot for Parabellum’s Air Force.

[2nd Lieutenant] Simo Häyhä

Summoned Heroic figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army.

[Warrant Officer]  Funasaka Hiroshi

Summoned Heroic Figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army.

[Sergeant] Ernst Barkmann

Summoned Heroic Figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army. Part of the 1st Armor Battalion, under Captain Michael Wittman.

[Colonel] John Malcolm “Mad Jack” Churchill

Summoned Heroic Figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army.  He fights with a longbow, bagpipes and a basket-hilted Scottish broadsword.

[Captain] Michael Wittman

Summoned Heroic Figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army. Commander of the 1st Armor Battalion.

[Major] Kurt Knispel

Summoned Heroic Figure (a copy of the original) is currently assigned to Parabellum’s Army.

[Lieutenant Colonel] Barr Adalbert

Commander for the 1st Foreign Legion.   The 1st of 4 separate military groups, put together with a rag-tag mix of immigrant volunteers and logistical personnel which changed their profession into combat roles.

[Major] Erwin Rommel

Executive Officer or Vice-Commander of the 1st Foreign Legion. Chosen for the role based on his name bearing a resemblance to Earth’s Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel nicknamed the “Desert Fox” and for his race belonging to the Fox Tribe.


Reinhardt Arfen

Levelk Antonov

Alexia Islacia

Zora Uranus

Jill Kiev

Tilda Hagiri

Kisel Odessa

Illumina Lennon

Marie Maiden

Vollmer Martinez

Melchia Digitalis


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