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I have overburdened myself somewhat. And am now going through a little recovery phase. For the past few weeks I’ve taken more shifts and have not taken proper rest.

Going with a varied 2-6 hour sleep cycle, and constant work and exercise. I believed I could push myself into a lot of things. So my mental fatigue finally caught up with my physical fatigue.

Also another random incident, my washing machine broke TT_TT.. So I had to purchase a new one, which also cut into my funds by a hefty amount.

And last but not least, a family friend had past away, yesterday was the funeral, so… It may be excuses to some people, but please understand I am trying to balance my efforts, my life and my interactions with family, friends, Co-workers & acquaintances.

Who knew that being an adult, meant one had to figure things out on ones own.

Well everyone take care and be well!