Another week gone by

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Here’s me ranting again, and complaining about my internet speed and stuff.  So I am renting and stuff and apparently one of the other renters from my complex had been digging in the ground. He struck a line and didn’t think anything of it.

And just what do you know, that line which he struck with his shovel and damaged, was yes, it was the line for cable & internet.

So now my connection speeds are erratic and until our landlord does something to fix it. I am going to be experiencing crappy connections for a while. Mind you it doesn’t stop me from using basic stuff, but anything of gaming or that sort, I will lag the hell out.

*sigh* so now I am just in a crappy mood by it all. My online gaming habits will just have to be satiated by mobile gaming or something. BUT I just recently picked up Monster Hunter World and I really want to play online with it. Don’t get me wrong solo play is good too, but… but… but… I got this game so I can play with all my other friends on my console.


So yeaaaahhhhh…..

maybe its more reasons to go find another place to rent I guess.

And Anyhow, I will be working on my current project this upcoming week and I will release a chapter again for “The Lighthouse“. If I do have spare ideas around in my head, I will work on some extra stuff too.

Well Good luck with everything and I wish everyone an Awesome February!!!