A looming job

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Hmmmm… a government shutdown…. It seems I may be furloughed for a while….. I have been trying to rake in more hours and get some pay in at least before. The Government can’t pay me.

Which means more time to spend on other projects. I can play my Monster Hunter World, and finish up on my College homework/projects, a bunch of other errands. And more time to get into the zone of writing.

I am still propping up more content, it’s just jumble as notes for the moment. My weekly series is still in a phase, I’m trying to revise my work, as I always read through it at least 3 times before actually posting. Even though I have one of my friends review it for grammatical errors and stuff.

But lets see, Im just giving a brief, snapshot of my life, so people know I’m not forgetting about making content. At least, it’s also easier as my reminder, If I make sure to blog about something even if its random.  I was once told by another avid writer, to just write whatever comes to mind. Because that’s what she does, she said the more you write and post, it will become habit forming. and eventually, you produce better works. So no matter how small or inconsistent your topics are. Just write!

Thank you good writer friend of mine. Your words do help me whenever, I run into a writers block.

Well, that’s it for this shpeeel, otherwise I won’t be able to make my stories. Ciao and enjoy life guys.