0. Prologue

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0. Prologue

In the vast space of the stars, overlooking various planets and suns. Sentient Beings of a higher realm meet, share and trade souls of their charge, these meetings are like a grand marketplace. A marketplace where souls with distinguishing and useless qualities are traded goods amongst these Gods.

Soul exchanges are a common occurrence amongst the gods; since it is more like an entertainment for them.  The world that these gods’ govern are like their favorite movies or tv show.

Like changing channels on a cable TV or sharing movies with friends that haven’t watched a particular movie. Souls can be traded frequently or infrequently, depending on the God or the quality of souls a God is willing to trade.

Souls are like unfinished stories, each soul of a certain quality can be used to change the flow of a world or merge with the flow of that given  world. So throwing in souls and taking away souls from a world can cause major changes or minor ones at the least.

Every god has their preference it seems, some enjoy the chaos and other like a paradise. Depending on the god, a soul really has chance to enter a world that is like heaven or a world like hell or even a strange world that really doesn’t make any sense.


The God in charge of Earth & the God in charge of Alkrga, meet and discuss the latest soul exchange, between their worlds.

~~ “Such potential to benefit others, it’s a shame that it has been wasted…”

“His character is reliably stubborn, are you sure you do not want another soul perchance?”

~~ “Still, I’d like to have his soul enter my world. I’m sure he will heal the corruption that has plagued it.”

“I’d very much like to reincarnate him and have him reform my world in another way.”

~~ “You’ve had your chance this time, further you owe me several souls, I claim his as one of them.”

”Sigh, I can’t argue with you if you bring that up. Fine, but if his life doesn’t amount to much, I’m taking him back.”

~~ “Hehe, only time will tell. Is there anything you wish to impart with him, before he comes over?”

“I’ll just give him his memories, a ‘Perfect Memory’, I have no other ways to bless him that can be of benefit.”

~~ “How thoughtful of you. Well thank you for your gift, you are free to watch him if you ever come to my world.”

“If I have the time, someday. I need to clean up a couple loose ends on my world. I may pass by after I have another batch of quality souls.”

~~ “Well then. Take care and enjoy your world.”

As the God of Earth walks to his world, he mutters to himself.

“I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I can’t seem to recall what it was…. Oh well It might not be important.”


The God of Alkrga was very happy with her exchange, she now acquired a soul that can brighten her bleak world.

~~ “I am so tired of watching foolish creatures fight dumb battles. No one wants to do anything anymore. I had so much excitement watching my world grow, but now it has become stagnant.”

Thinking that her world of magic and various creatures lead boring lives, she wanted to spice up things. She traded a handful of souls with the God of Earth, so she should be able to shape her world to be more interesting.

~~ “This Soul that I received with the Earth Gods’ Blessing will be like my main entertainment”

Looking at her world, she felt a deep sense of excitement. Like a child unable to hold back from opening up their presents. The ideas and possible futures of her world was starting to make her drool.

~~ “Aah-hmm… How unsightly of me. Good thing no other gods are around. They’d make fun of me until I’d cry. No they’d still make fun of me while I cry.”

Thinking about the expressions and jokes other gods might make of her, she began to tear up.

~~ “Mou… I need to start as soon as possible. I must reincarnate these souls so my world can grow beautiful. And all those other gods can be jealous of my world. And maybe I can trade more souls next time.”

The sad reality behind the God of Alkrga’s words; it’s because she was a lesser God in charge of a minor world. In the vast universe, her worlds’ ranking was bad; it was bad to the point that she couldn’t trade her worlds souls for better quality ones.


The God of Earth had taken pity on her and decided to lose a bet as a joke, to trade a few souls with The God of Alkrga. See, the God of Earth was more in the middle of the rankings when it came to World ranks. So he was able to trade amongst other Gods easily.

If the God of Earth had a little sister, she would likely fill that role. The God of Alkrga was fledging lesser God. So watching her fluster and try to improve her world, reminded him of his blunders.

“Sigh. It took me awhile to make an interesting world. It took a million years just to cultivate souls. And then they became creatures. But creatures that came about were boring so I asked another god to remove them.”

What the God of Earth is probably referring to was the extinction of the dinosaurs. Gods can’t harm their own worlds, so only other Gods can take action.

“Thinking back to it, I had promised that god an occasional supply of souls for sending that meteor.*sigh, but that God is really like a demon, who likes chaos and torture.”

“Then I had to ask another God to wash away all my corrupt creatures. They were like a cancer in my world, so corrupt… so corrupt. If I hadn’t agreed to send an occasional supply of souls, that God wouldn’t have agreed.”

This time, he was referring to Noah’s Ark. Where the humans and creatures were getting out of hand. So he just saved the pure ones to reset his world.

“Sigh, if my world had fallen to the cancerous corruption back then, my ranking would have fallen like a landslide.”

Sighing and shaking his head. The God of Earth recollected the past deals with many gods to get to the middle of the World Rankings.

Finally remembering what he forgot at the time he traded souls with the God of Alkrga, His facial expression turned ugly and then paled. Stuttering to himself.

“I…I… should tell her. No, I can’t… But this is important… She’ll manage somehow… She’ll Hate me… She won’t notice… It’ll will be okay. I should still warn her…. But I can’t…”

Various thoughts piled up on the God of Earths mind. To take action or not to take action. Thinking himself into a little stress-induced coma, The God of Earth fell down on his floor overlooking the Earth.

Sprawled on his back like a dead cockroach, his limbs twitched and his eyes rolled white.
~RIP God of Earth… well until he can regain himself.

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