New chapter out for SIMP

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Alright, for my readers who have been wondering, I am sorry for not informing you about my distractions.

Lately I got absorbed with Overwatch and I won’t lie it has pulled my mind away from writing. But gaming aside I present another chapter of Science is my Passion, just click on the link right below

Chapter 8

So my rank from the time I bought my game rose to level 38 and my competitive rank is 42. But do not despair, I have a guilty conscience and I owe it to everyone reading to finish a story.

As a reader, it annoys me when I start reading a foreign web novel, and translations stop and so I am left wondering. Thus, as an author your welcome to guilt trip me.

Anyways, enjoy the summer I will leave you with some youtube distractions.

Fliks gaming stuff – I watch most of his Overwatch plays

VideoPhixa – Trance playlist channel

ZNA Productions – Guy makes a lot of custom stuff