My Web Novel

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I was inspired to write my own web novel after enjoying, countless other novels on the web. And while I am quite new to this, feel free to show your support.

I am expecting a lot of criticism and hopefully, I won’t crack under pressure. So without further ado, I’d like to present my project “Science is my Passion.

This will be an adventure, fantasy, sci-fi-ish, slice of life sort story.

I will be writing as I go along. I do have a set plot idea in mind. And hopefully it will be an enjoyable story where everyone can tag along.

Hmmmm…. also if I receive hateful/troll comments I most likely will delete them, because it will damage my motivation.

I look forward to the progress of this story and hopefully, you’ll have fun too.

Click HERE for the prologue or THERE for the first chapter.