My Randomness

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Ok Ok, this will be my random blog for Wednesday.

I’m just trying to gather my thoughts and things together, and to remind my readers I play Valkyrie Crusade. I really like the art of this game, besides playing it and it gives me some inspiration towards what I do. I play it at least once a week to just get a login reward, but hey to each their own.

It’s Wednesday and I know I need to upload a chapter. For now, I’m still putting it together and I’m editing the whole thing.  I’ll be leaving for the wilderness this Saturday and I’ll be out for the rest of June. Please don’t leave me.

If you enjoy the story feel free to drop comments and stuff. If you want to troll, I’m 50/50 about your response, I mean it can’t be as bad as my professor’s reply to my first couple chapters, so I think my ego and motivation can handle it.

I will just drop in a couple pictures of some character designs I like from the game I play (Courtesy of VC Wikia). Alright everyone, Enjoy your days and have a good week!