I will be on Hiatus for a while

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Several life issues came up back to back. Right now I’m trying to grasp my bearings on several different events.

Where to start…. Okay, so I will go with what just recently happened, um… My vehicle was towed just yesterday from my street, I had to pay close to $200 to get it out of the Tow Lot.

But before you make your judgement, here’s the backstory. I bought the used vehicle back in 2012 from a dealer, worked fine and paid for it as. Up until the third month did I have the start of my troubles, so the engine broke down on me, Blown head gasket and Radiator is leaking into the engine. I couldn’t take it back to the dealer because I bought it “As Is” type of sale. (All the legal stuff, blah, blah is too much to write sorry.)

A friend took a look at the damage and advised me all this was pretty bad and I would have to pay upwards of $1,500 btw I didn’t have that money. I bought the vehicle for $12,000 with a bank loan and I was in the process of paying for it. So in the month that the vehicle broke down, my safety check was expiring/ expired. I wasn’t able to renew that.

A month later because other things in real life took priority, I wanted to renew my registration for the vehicle, I went to the office, but they said I couldn’t renew because of an expired safety check. So now I was stuck in a rut, I can’t pay for my registration, because of an expired safety check, and I can’t get the safety check because the vehicle can’t run properly.

Now comes my 4-year procrastination. I’m being frugal with my expenses, paying bills first before food and after food expenses, my leftover I try to save, which isn’t much. Unfortunately, I don’t have family that can loan me money either, so my plan was to pay off my vehicle loan, then get the vehicle fixed, then get a safety check and then get it registered. *sigh, but now the bill is more than I thought. So that is my headache, but on top of that, I have two tickets for expired registration & safety which amount to $300.

So now I will need to see what the court will say if I can contest the ticket, due to my circumstances. I may pay or I may not pay the ticket. But either way, saving money let alone $1,500 is rough when your lifestyle is paycheck-to-paycheck.

SO that is one issue that happened, paying a ticket and court stuff. Another is my sleep & work schedule changed, So instead of working Afternoon & nights. I got bumped to early mornings now. My usual work shift was  4pm-12am. Now it’s come to 5am-1pm, so adjusting is taking a bit.

As for my cold, I healed from that. My military training won’t kick up till next week. I just recently took my Apprenticeship exam, so results won’t come out until next month or June. Um… I think that’s most of the pressing issues I’m trying to adapt to. There are other issues, but those things don’t need to be mentioned, it’s quite stressful.

Alas, I know I’ve committed to at least writing a chapter a week. I will be honest and say my mind is not currently focused on my story writing and my ideas are all over the place right now. I thank everyone whose, placed an interest in my story and I apologize for not fulfilling my promises. I don’t want to make further promises for the future because at this time I cannot see myself fulfilling them.

So thus far, Science is my Passion will be on Hiatus. When I get my mind focused and my real life in order, my story will resume.

Thank you for passing by *bows*