I caught a cold


Yes, I am not feeling to well. I caught a cold over the past week and I am still recovering from it.

My releases are late, but I’m still trying to pump them out I owe people my other R18 story too (Still working out how to make widgets and stuff). The weather lately, can’t make up its mind, like a couple days ago it rained hard, then it was sunny. And then it was just humid-sticky & windy….

Today wasn’t all the better, with scattered showers that rained for a minute, stopped for 30 minutes, rained for a few minutes, stopped for a few minutes and then rained again.

It’s like when you take a piss and you try to pinch it off somehow.

Like when you go ssshhhhhhh-*stop*-sssshhhhhh-*stop*-ssssssshhhshshshshhhshshshshshshshsh…….

Like God taking a piss on us and trolling everyone on Earth.

Oh and also my coworker got me a little addicted to a mobile game on my android tablet. It’s called Valkyrie Crusade. I know, I know, it’s distracting, but I really do like the artwork and it peaks my interest.

If anyone feels like making an account please use my invite code [apx8o] to receive a nice starting card. My User is ShiroRenRen.


I digress…. Well, I’ve been taking a couple placement exams this past week and Today as well. So my mind is more on Math and Science than it is towards writing at the moment. I’ll be honest, this weeks’ Wednesday release will be late. But if I can get my writing mojo back in time, I should be able to release it before the end of the day.

Again thanks for the support of all my silent readers, I appreciate you all stopping by and taking a peek at my work.