A new month and another distraction

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Yes, I’m still writing and collecting my thoughts. Drawing is rather rough at this time. because I’m having a bit trouble as to how I want my characters to appear.

Everyone who has read my story thus far can usually picture their own version of my characters. But as I progress through with the terminology and the scenes, I believe pictures will be crucial.

So yeah, making all these things has been a lot more time consuming than I originally thought. Well everything makes sense in my mind. Actually putting my ideas to the paper though, or even to the computer, in reality uses a lot more effort.

So going through this whole process by myself. I really do give a lot of credit to the authors & artists that push out content on a weekly or even daily.

Well, I could always contract the art of my story to someone or I could already make references to what’s currently out there. But my pride has not yielded to those options yet, if possible I still want to produce my original work for my stories.


Ok I will digress now from the above. It’s a new month and I have been distracted with work, did I mention I have now flopped my work schedule again. So June I had military training, then after that finished I worked night shifts at my daily job. Then just the last week of July and for the rest of August, my shifts changed to mornings again.

Oh my sleep schedule is adjusting again. And so is my eating habits. But scheduling aside, I’ve been in deep thought about my military career. I’m essentially finished with my contracted obligation, I have several more months left. I just am not sure whether I want to re-enlist or extend my contract(because of political purposes[Trump Change or Hilarious Clinon]).

But disregarding the world, that can operate without me. My world has been pretty distracted…. and lately my attention span just jumps from one thing to another. So  just planning, again I’m planning. To put out 3 chapters within the month for my story. Everything else after that is extra, and if I fail to do this. The month of September will be Hell.

Alright Folks, Ciao and enjoy yourselves!