6.1 Side Story

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Chapter 6.1 .:  Prophecy

In the Year 1724 of the Oracle Decree, a prophecy came from the 8 Great Temples.

A  wave  of  change  shall  be  born  onto  the  land,  whoever  so  much  as  controls  the  change,  may  be  able  to  receive  great  power.  Power  shall  be  born  unto  the  powerless  and  the  mighty  of  old  shall  fall.  Through  rebirth  anew  the  good  shall  prosper  and  evil  will  wither.

This vague message from the oracles of the 8 Great Temples, caused Emperors, Kings, Queens and Chieftains around the land to seek out this change.

In empires and kingdoms with a strict nature towards control and obedience, oppression deepened.

In lands where freedom and nature took balance, the search for this power took on several forms. Groups gathered and shared stories, knowledge and treasures in hopes to help their own kin.

Varying from regions, many would call this year the ‘Prophecy of Blessing’. In areas where control was dominant, it was a ‘Prophecy of Calamity’. For those in power who felt their order threatened oppressed their dominions further.


A Kingdom had plundered its own villages in search of the fresh born, interpreting the prophecy that the change would be a child born within that year, forcing the youth into slavery and silencing resistance. The Nobility were spared from this culling as  the prophecy implied that the powerless shall inherit power.

Several Fief Lords had rejected the Kingdoms response and had sheltered many who sought refuge from tyranny. In the end, many of the resisting Fief Lords lost, their lands dissolved into their surrounding neighbors. Survivors in and between, were contracted as criminal slaves or executed for the public.

Another Empire had followed suite as they culled their youth, as for any resistance, they were subdued and utilized as a labor force for the empire.

In the Free lands, many groups moved with the purpose of sheltering the young. Children were highly treasured in the Elven tribes as they prayed for blessings.  The Bedouin tribes of the desert gathered and freely networked their young, moving them from tribe to tribe,  away from oppressive warlords.

Through the Year of 1724 of the Oracles Decree, countless acts of atrocity, as well as benevolence flowed through Alkrga. Although the Prophecy came from the 8 Great Temples, the Oracles of each held back a final piece of the prophecy for fear of their world.

When the light of change disappears, the light of all will perish and none shall cometh forth. The wave of change shall come when the stars dance over the sky. 


In the Year of 1730 O.D. during the warmest season of the year, Leaders across Alkrga  watched in amazement as stars fell during the night.

The Oracles from the Temples gave divided responses to the masses. Few divulged the last piece of the original prophecy, a few others signified the end of an era and the last few embraced the coming of a new age.

With the mixed prophecies, many leaders interpreted the Oracles words similar to the passing of the weather.

Many took it as a sign for their reign to prosper, others as a sign of hope.

While few, some sought a darker agenda, fearing the survivors from the ‘Prophecy of Blessing/ Calamity.’

They endeavored to snuff out the light of change in order to keep control over their domains.

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