4. Meetings & Greetings – 2


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Chapter 4.: I’m Sorry… Not so sorry

-Arend’s PoV-


The messy girl who was with Sister Lia and me got all mad over pulling her from the river. Was it that big of a deal? How is a situation like pulling someone out of the water, something that requires a response?

The messy girl had made a taunting expression and stuck her tongue out at me. She then stormed out of the Healer’s Shop clenching her fists.

The Sister that brought us here hasn’t come back yet. If she were to appear and find only me standing in the shop, I’m sure I will be punished severely for it.

I exited the store in a dash and tried to pick up the messy girls trail.

“I’m Sorry Ms. Sister who went to find Mr. Healer.”

I said that while exiting the store if that Sister heard it, I’m sure she would try to look for us. If she didn’t hear it…. oh well, I will worry about that later.

I didn’t see the messy girl anywhere near the Healer’s shop, the road around the shop was moderately busy. People were coming and going, stopping at different stalls along the way.

While searching for the messy girl, I felt I must remember as much as possible feeling that it might be useful later on.


~”Swords and Staffs at a discount, if your an E-Rank adventurer.”

~”Amulets from Southern Tribes, great for any caster, improves your magic recovery.”

~”Looking for party members, subjugating a band of goblins, F-Rank adventurers and higher meet at the Adventurers’ Guild for more details.”

Walking in a brisk manner, I tried looking for that messy girl. But as of yet, I didn’t catch a glimpse of her.

The longer it took to search for her, my worries were beginning to pile. At first, I believed I could track her, by retracing our route to the Healer’s Shop. When that attempt didn’t work, I followed the crowd and tried to find her in the midst of the people trading around the street stalls.

Now at a loss, my only option is to try the less populated areas. But as a child, going into these areas there is a high probability of danger. Running out of options, I decide to take the risk.

“Geez, how far could a frustrated messy girl travel?”

I went back to the street near the Healer’s Shop and decided to try the less populated roads. After a couple more failed attempts here and there, in the distance, I managed to see a figure crouched down in the middle of  one of the alleys.

“Of all places why did she crouch down there.”

The alley that the messy girl crouched in was behind several restaurants and a few questionable inns. Fortunately, the women in the alley didn’t pay any attention to the girl in the middle of the road, nor did the workers from the restaurant who were dumping inedible food. After awhile, something didn’t seem right about this situation.

“Why doesn’t anyone notice a girl in the middle road?”

From the edge of the alley, I watched several men, walk towards the specialty inns, but none of the men paid any attention to the figure crouched in the middle of the road.

As a few more people bypassed the girl, I wondered if I was just having a hallucination. Rubbing my eyes, she was still there huddled, cradling her head in her hands.

Making my way, through the alley, a few of the restaurant workers noticed me and tried to shoo me out of the area. Nodding in agreement to the workers, I hurried to the crouched figure.

Finally reaching the messy girl, who was trembling, I decided to see if she really was there, placing my hand on her shoulder.

Feeling something solid, I gripped the messy girls shoulder. Her trembling had stopped, so I assumed she was fine.


Hovering behind her, I was about to call out to her, but she immediately stood up and head-butted my face. The impact was enough to knock me on my bottom.

“Oww, what’s your problem?”

But, from her actions, she actually knocked herself out. Urgh, what a troublesome girl. Getting up, I felt we couldn’t stay in this place much longer.

Lifting her up onto my back, she was much lighter than I thought. Her dress became much  messier, from laying on the alley floor, but it’s not like she would care.

Some of the surrounding onlookers were surprised, by a girl appearing in the middle of the alley. Not minding their astonished stares, I briskly jogged out of the alley heading towards the Healer’s Shop.

Once out of the area, I looked back to see if anyone was following us. Fortunately, no suspicious individuals were around to care. Breathing a sigh of relief, we were several stalls away from the Healer’s Shop.


Thinking I could catch a break from the day’s events, a figure suddenly burst from the Healer’s Shop.  With an aura like a predator searching for its prey, the figure’s eyes scanned the area finally locking onto its target.

The eyes of this figure glinted with a distinct hidden desire. My body froze after connecting with this figure’s gaze. The predator, broke into a smile, grinning from ear to ear, slowly walking towards us.

If anyone were to watch this situation all they would see, is Nun with one hand to her chest and walking toward two children. From afar you could describe it as if she had found her long-lost family member, her smile could warm the hearts of young and old alike. No one would imagine anything wrong from the scene above.

I felt terror, the closer this demon came. Unable to move from my spot, my grip instinctively tightened. Forgetting all about the messy girl, who I’ve been carrying all this time, a moan resounded near my ears.

But before I could react, to

“~What ~have ~you ~two ~been ~up ~to? I could have sworn I told you two to stay put.”

The demon had finally caught hold of me. This predator snatched hold of its prey and devoured its meal. Pinching my ear and dragging me along to the Healer’s Shop, Sister Lia appeared to be in high spirits, humming a tune to herself.

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  1. Though short, story progression is nice. Will Arend have good perception and understanding of his new home? In terms of science I assume that it is broad enough to cover the various fields or is it specific? Aristocratic, Theocratic, Monarchic, etc. politics? But, that it further into the story. For the time being, it seems he’ll just be getting acquainted and then move towards innovation and inventing. I wonder if he possesses a low affinity to the essence of the world’s magic in which he supplements it with his knowledge. Curious as to how the plot fill go.

    1. Thank you for the input. Yes the chapters are a bit on the short side, im trying to work on it. To answer your questions, I will do so in pushing out more chapters.

      And thank you for taking an interest in my story, I really appreciate it. *bows

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