3. Meetings & Greetings

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Chapter 3.: Or Greetings and goodbye?

“Who are you people?”

In front of me was the Sister who saved me and behind her were several children. I myself was reborn into the body of a child by the name of Arend.

I tried to think or recall any memories of Arend’s past, but after trying for awhile, I was unable to remember any memories of living in this world.

The people that were around me knew the original Arend. I knew I couldn’t deceive anyone so I decided to start fresh.

Moving back my gaze to Sister Lia, tears began to resurface and roll down her cheeks. Her head cast down, Sister Lia trembled as she mumbled to herself. Hesitantly she gave a glance back at the children behind her and forced a smile.

“Ara, you’ll catch a cold if you do not wear something, put this on.”

I didn’t know why, but when I came to, after spilling out my bowels on the ground. I was wet and shirtless, I figured I was swimming or something and might have drowned along the way, so I didn’t think too deeply about it.

Sister Lia pulled out a shirt from her pocket. Huh, what is this? How’d she do that? I was surprised by the immediate scene, but to everyone else’s gaze, this seemed normal.

Still in shock, Sister Lia put the shirt on me, but since I was still wet from the pants down, she sighed to herself. Whispering under her breath, all of a sudden I could feel a refreshing wind coiling around me.

Lasting for quite a few moments, I couldn’t help but smile from the experience. Returning back to reality, I’m still trying to accept the concept of magic, but I’ll leave that to later.

Looking back towards me, with a resolved gaze Sister Lia spoke to me with a gentle voice.

“Arend, you’re probably just tired from today’s events. Come along with me for a bit.”

Grasping my hand, she pulled me close to her side. Her grip slowly tightening, I could feel her tension.

Pulling me along she turned around and smiled to the children behind her.

“Everyone, let this be a lesson not to be so rash. You all could have gotten seriously hurt.” Speaking her words in a scolding tone, the children couldn’t help but stare at the ground.

Seeing the children reflecting on their actions, Sister Lia sighed.

“Now everyone, make your way back to the Church, I expect you all to behave until I get back, Nel stay with me.”

With a stern look towards the children, who were playing by the river bank, the children gathered themselves and left for the churches orphanage.

Still upset, but trying to dry her tears Nel gloomily walked to our direction. From her appearance, she was not older than me, her dress was a little bit dirty from the ground.

I made a perplexed face because I wasn’t sure what happened. Why would this messy girl be called and what was Sister Lia planning to do?

Before I could ponder a little bit more, Sister Lia whispered another magic to clean up the girls clothes.

“Alright the both of you will come with me to the Healer’s Shop, I want to make sure that both of you are fine”

Unbeknownst to me, the girl whom Sister Lia called to stay back was none other than the girl who was caught up in the river.


-Nel’s PoV-

Everything happened so fast. I was playing with everyone by the river, but I tripped and tumbled into the water.

I panicked as soon as the water entered my body. Trying to gasp for air, I tried to call to the others on the riverbank.

My surroundings were starting to become blurry and my strength was being drained. As I was beginning to lose my consciousness, I was grabbed by the collar of my dress.

Feeling myself being pulled from the water, I choked slightly from the force. I fell on the nearby riverbank, my neck sore from my dress’ collar. Drenched from head to toe, my body felt heavy, it took a few moments for me to catch my breath.

My sight, already clearing up, two of the other girls were crying and hugging me.

But in the distance, I could see a boy in the river, it was Arend. Why, why are you there? What’s going on? as the girls beside me made sure I was fine, the rest of the children tried calling out to Arend.

Arend had reacted to when I fell in the river. The girls said he had used his shirt, tied his arm to the tree branch and tried to save me.

Arend managed to snatch the collar of my dress, as I was being pulled by the rivers current. Pulling me out of the water was too much of a strain on the tree branch.

The branch snapped and Arend fell into the river, the branch then struck Arend on his head. And so he drifted, in the river.

Sister Lia had just arrived and acted learning the situation. She was able to save Arend from the river, and Arend regained consciousness.

Sister Lia embraced Arend and coddled him, but I was just thankful that he was alive. She then dried him and gave Arend a newly washed shirt.

Sister Lia scolded all of us for playing too close to the river. My eyes were still swollen from crying and I didn’t want Arend to see me.

Telling all of us to go back to the orphanage, we gathered ourselves and were ready to head back, but Sister asked me to stay back.

I froze from my spot and could feel Sister’s eyes staring at my back. Slowly I turned toward her, I kept my head down so Arend wouldn’t notice my face.

Nearing the both of them, Sister cast a small spell to dry my dress and remove some of the stains. I was happy with that, I no longer felt dirty from the day’s accident.

Sister held our hands  and guided us to the Healer’s Shop.  I took a few glances in Arends direction, he was making a curious expression.  When our eyes locked together he gave a light smile, but I immediately turned away.

“Ok, here we are,  both of you stay put while I see Mr. Healer.”

Inside of the shop, Sister told us to stay put, so we stood by the potion counter. Arend seemed to be lost in thought, and his eyes filled with wonder at the bottles behind the glass.

“Thank you” I whispered under my breath, hoping he wouldn’t hear me.

“Huh” Arend just looked back at me with a puzzled face. “What are you talking about?”

His reaction was not what I expected, I thought he would be more big-headed after saving me. He turned away from me and continued looking at the bottles behind the potion counter.

“Um… you were the one who pulled me out of the river.”

I tried answering in a firm manner, trying to let him know I was being grateful.

“I have no memory of doing that, I think you’re mistaken.”

Arend interrupted me before I could finish what I wanted to say. I was speechless, he treated saving my life as it was a mistake. I couldn’t understand him and what he was thinking. I hate him.


I couldn’t stand being next to Arend anymore. I don’t know why but I left the healer shop frustrated.  Why did you save me in the first place, if you thought it was a mistake? Arend is so stupid. Stupid, Stupid, STUUPID!

I didn’t think about my surroundings as I stormed out from the Healer’s Shop.  Arend was actually being mean to me.

When I remembered his smile from walking to the Healer’s shop, it wasn’t actually a smile, he was laughing at me. I started to look back at the whole experience walking with Sister and Arend. Not once did he say anything to me. What is his problem?

By the time I was able to calm down, I couldn’t tell where I was. I could feel my face turn cold as if the blood drained from my head.

I crouched down and cradled my head in my hands. Nooooo. What am I going to do, Sister Lia is going to strangle me if she finds me.

That woman may be sweet on the surface, but the thought of her punishments made me want to cry again. I was crouched, trembling in the middle of the alley when a hand gripped my shoulder.

My trembling stopped, as I froze out of fear. I didn’t dare to get up. My mind started to race with fear, as to what could happen if I stood up.

Finally thinking that I must escape, I immediately stood up but my head struck something hard.

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