1. God of Alkrga

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Chapter 1.: Meeting with the God of another World

Somewhere in the vast universe hovering above a planet with several great land masses and a clear cerulean ocean with depths of a blue abyss.

~Goddess of Alkrga~   “Don’t be alarmed, everything is alright.”

“Where am I?”

The man looks down, on the planet below him. Recalling his life, he knows this planet isn’t earth.

~~”You’re in a special space of mine, right above a world I govern.”

“Have I died then? Is this all my life amounted to?”

Looking at the figure before him, he gazed at woman’s beauty. Like a Greek Goddess, young slender and voluptuous. If one stared too long, they may be enamored by lust and push down the beauty in front of them.

~~”Hmm… You’re pretty quick on the uptake. Yes, you’ve passed and you’re previous life is over.”

Turning his gaze away from the Goddess, he looked upon the world below.

“I see… no, I understand. So I assume I’m going to someplace bad, like what those religions preach?”

~~”Now you’re misunderstanding something and getting ahead of yourself. Our time is short, so instead of interrupting me. Listen, and I’ll tell you when I’m done. Ok?”


~~”Your life on Earth is over, and through an agreement with the Earth God, I have a claim on your soul. You are to be reincarnated into my world Alkrga. And you will enlighten its residents, the Earth God sent over his blessings. So I look forward to your achievements.”

The man wrinkled his brows, grimacing from the Goddess’ explanation.

“Hearing an explanation like that, it depresses me that I couldn’t finish my life’s work on Earth.”

~~ ”I said don’t interrupt me. I still haven’t finished my talk. I can see your expressions so I can understand how you feel about your situation, but you have no need to worry about that. You can still continue your life’s goal in a way in my world. It’s just….”

At this moment, the Goddess cast her eyes down and pressed her fingers together, in an embarrassed manner.

~~”If I were to compare my worlds’ intelligence and technology to your previous world, I would say it’s around the middle ages.”

The man sighed and placed his hand on his forehead.

“I see…..”

In a manner unbefitting of a Goddess, Tears in at the corners of her eyes, she pleaded her response to the man.

~~”But you see, once you reincarnate, I can’t interfere with your life. So that’s why I’m talking to you here. The God of Earth has granted you his blessing, of perfect memory. You can recall all the memories of your past life. Your mind is like a vast library compared to my world. But the difference with Earth and mine, is the special existence of magic.”

Pausing for a bit, and staring at the man before him, the Goddess drifted closer and closer until her face was a foot away from touching.

Having difficulty adjusting to the situation, the man shrugged as the Goddess drifted to the point of their bodies touching. Pressed to this extent, he let out a sigh and made up his mind.

“Hmmm… alright, alright. Please don’t stare at me like that. You’ll make me shiver.”

Gazing down at his body he noticed that he’s slowly disappearing.

“Hey… What’s going on?!”

Realizing the situation the Goddess snaps back to a serious manner.

~~“Oh! Your reincarnating already. Mou~ and I wanted to talk about a few more things. Okay okay, just remember this when you are born. Please save my world from corruption and enlighten its residents. I’ll send you a blessing once you’re born. I’m sure you’ll benefit from it, just know that from then on, your on your own. So don’t die rashly.”

“Oh no problems, I will do whatever I can. So what happens if I meet an unfortunate accident?”

At that last comment, she was about to tear up again. Reason being, thoughts of her world turning into rubbish and being laughed at, ridiculed by other gods was something she really didn’t not want to happen.

~~”If you do end up failing I will trade you with a God that likes chaos and torture.”

Shivering at that comment. He really didn’t like the thought of going to a place similar to hell. Memories of various religions started playing through his mind.

“I will be sure to not fall into an unfortunate accident, so please be kind to me.”

As he said his last words he disappeared from the Goddess special place.


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